Vote for HH, Mutati tells Lunte


UPND Alliance partner, Movement for Democratic Change MDC President Felix Mutati has advised electorates not to vote back into office leaders that have failed on their job in next month’s decisive general election.

Addressing supporters at a meeting held in Pecha Ward of Lunte Constituecy, Mr Mutati said people in 2016 were promised a lot of surprises regarding development which has not materialized five years later.

Mr Mutati said the numerous challenges people are faced are at a level that is suffocating because they can no longer afford decent essential commodities such as food among others.

Mr Mutati bemoaned that the people of Lunte now seem to be orphaned because they were neglected, a reason that made him decide to support the UPND Alliance which would attend to their needs.

He said the people across the country need to have confidence in the UPND Alliance because its leaders and partner political parties will do their work diligently to restore honor to the people of Zambia.

Mr Mutati further called on the people to remain peaceful and united towards the election because the UPND Alliance victory was already guaranteed considering the massive support from the people.

He further advise the people of Pecha in Lunte district to vote in numbers for all UPND candidates as that vote would be a vote for him as Mutati and will enable him speak for them (people of pecha) over the next 5 years through the elected officials.


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