Vote for PF if you like hardships, Sinkamba tells youths

Opposition Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba has asked youths in the Country to retain the ruling PF in power this year if they are happy with the current economic hardships.

Peter Sinkamba Mr. Sinkamba is advising youths in the Country to be wary that the August 11th general elections are about their future.

He says this means that the choice they make in August this year will not only affect their lives but also successive generations to come.

Mr. Sinkamba says youths should therefore settle for a government that will be capable of reversing what he has termed as unprecedented levels of economic difficulty.

He is of the view that the PF government has demonstrated to the Zambian people that it has failed to run the affair of the Country.

Mr. Sinkamba believes that the current state of the Zambian economy is as a result of bad governance as evidenced by what he says the implementation of bad policies.

He states that it is bad  leadership that has also brought about increased poverty among Zambians.

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