Vote HH 2011 campaign goes to Lusaka

Lusaka residents going to work were today, Monday, greeted with clear and loud messages to vote for Hakainde Hichilema as president of Zambia in the general elections slated for the last quarter of this year.
This appears to be the heightening of activities by the United Party for National Development (UPND) to go it alone and abandon the electoral pact with Michael Sata’ Patriotic Front.
Informed sources say Hichilema and Sata are not on speaking terms and have not spoken to each other for the last three months.
Last week the UPND distributed flyers in Livingstone stating that Hichilema should stand as president and that Zambia should not be led by old recycled politicians.
Today, the UPND presidential campaign team was in Lusaka in a convoy led by a Mitsubishi Pajero bearing registration number ABV 5131. The convoy had mounted loud speakers and played Hichilema’s campaign messages in the seven major languages of Zambia.
The vehicles patrolled Cairo road before turning into Cha cha cha and heading for residential areas.
Two weeks ago, the UPND appointed Clive Chirwa as party chairperson for international relations.
But it looks like professor Chirwa has taken over as Hichilema’s campaign manager. From the time Chirwa landed in Zambia two weeks ago, there has been talk of Hhichilema standing as president in 2011 instead of old men.
Chirwa himself has categorically stated that Hichilema would be better suited to take over as president in 2011 than Michael Sata.
The UPND have coined a campaign message for 2011 which they call real change. In essence, the real change means that replacing Rupiah Banda who is old with another old man would not be real change.
Below is what the UNPD have posted on their website on what they call the change campaign;

The presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema (HH) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) are the hope of all people of Zambia for a change to a better future. HH is able to unite the opposition to secure the victory over the ruling government, which is not able to deliver. With HH will come the change to the better and the suffering of the people of Zambia will come to an end.

• HH and the UPND will ensure that everybody in Zambia has the right to work and to earn money to feed their families. Job creation has a high priority for HH to develop the nation’s welfare. Therefore HH and the UPND will fight together with all Zambians who suffer from lack of employment for more and better jobs and against all discrimination and unfair labor laws such as actualization that prevent Zambians from working and earning. HH and UPND will ensure that personal tax is reduced.
• HH and the UPND will make food such as mealie meal, affordable to all people. HH knows how much families suffer as a result of hunger in the country which has all possibilities to produce enough food for everybody. HH will ensure that farming inputs such as fertilizer and seed are cheap and available all year round. HH will ensure that all agricultural produce is purchased and paid for promptly.
• HH knows that the development of Zambia depends on a high level of education.
• HH and the UPND will secure free and quality education without discrimination up to university level. His government will invest in schools, teachers and training.
• HH will give chances to all children to live in a better Zambia and contribute to the welfare of the nation.
• HH and the UPND will give all families access to quality health care in addition to private medical care. HH will start a intensive fight against malaria and HIV and will invest in public health care facilities. HH will no longer accept the behavior of the ruling government that allows so many people to die because of bad services and mismanagement in the health sector.
• The presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema is a clean and well educated person and a successful entrepreneur. He has answers to the economic challenges and knows how to manage and organize. As a God fearing person he is committed to care for the poor and helpless. HH knows that Zambia can only develop if all Zambians work together regardless of whether they belong to different tribes or have different origins.
• All Zambians who want change for a better future in dignity with better education, better health care, more jobs and enough to eat have to vote for Hakainde Hichilema and the candidates of UPND on all levels.

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