Vote out PF to end poverty and criminality , says Kabimba


WYNTER Kabimba says the August 11 general elections will present an opportunity for Zambians to eliminate criminality and misery once they vote out the PF.

Addressing scores of Rainbow Party youths who gathered to celebrate Youth Day in Lusaka yesterday, Kabimba, the Rainbow Party general secretary and the party’s 2016 presidential candidate, noted that the misery and the culture of indiscipline that had emerged in Zambia would disappear once the PF was dislodged from government.

Kabimba also regretted that while youths and other vulnerable Zambians were under siege of political violence, leaders remain indifferent “drinking Whiskey”.

Chaos marred Youth Day celebrations when PF and UPND cadres clashed in Lusaka yesterday, prompting police to fire tear gas to contain the situation.

“Like I have been saying, this is a year of redemption for the Zambian people. The Zambian people are going to redeem themselves through the Rainbow Party. The misery, indiscipline and criminality that we see in this country will go the day the Rainbow Party wins an election and that is when we vote out the PF in August 2016. These things of wielding pangas will not be there; that I can assure you,” Kabimba said. “You comrades gathered here and others that have remained in the constituencies hold the future of this country. Today, you have heard and I’m sure that you’ll see on TV, that the UPND and PF youths were fighting in town on a day when they are supposed to be celebrating and discussing the future of this country. They were engaged in violence, maiming each other while the leaders are seated in air-conditioned homes and drinking Whiskey.”

He added that it was devastating to note that youths who were unemployed, uneducated and starving were being set against each other by the leadership.

“It is over a year since President Edgar Lungu became President of this country and the levels of unemployment have continued to rise. The suffering of the youth and the women have not gone down but he is very happy to see the youth start injuring and killing one another,” Kabimba said.

And Kabimba mocked the PF leadership, saying their reasoning was that democracy was anchored on violence.

“They think democracy is anchored on violence but it is anchored on ideas, dialogue, good leadership and a good ideology like socialism,” said Kabimba. “But the slogan I’m giving you today is that don’t be like them. You must meet every evening to analyse what is going on in your country [because] if you don’t analyse the wrongs that are going on in your country, you’ll not be able to change anything.”


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