Vote wisely

STUDENTS: remember the refusal by government to give bursaries to students from poor families. Minister Chishimba Kambwili told you it is not the responsibility of government to educate you. His children, just like those of his fellow ministers, are learning in London using our money. Now that he wants your vote, he speaks with humility. Wait until Friday and see if he will still be humble if you give the vote to his master.

YOUTHS: You have no jobs and there is no chance you will have a job in the foreseeable future if you vote for the same people who have consistently failed to create jobs or create a conducive environment for you to become an entrepreneur. You have a degree; you have a diploma, yet you are still a dependant not because it is your fault but because people in power are selfish, incompetent thieves. Vote for someone who will not exploit you by taking advantage of the situation the government has put you in. Youths on the street you can make a difference by voting for people who can improve your lives on the streets.

FARMERS: the past three years have been a nightmare. You haven’t even planted this farming season because the government does not care. They say they have no money but they have money to pay themselves huge salaries everything month. Each one of them goes home with not less than K50 MILLION (K50, 000 PF money) plus they don’t pay rent, their food is free and government pays school fees for their children. You have eyes and can see. This trend will continue after today if you do not vote wisely.

NURSES: You know how PF hates you. We can’t say more.

CIVIL SERVANTS: You are supposed to be educated but why do you allow yourselves to be cheated? They give you a fake pay rise but increase the cost of living the next day with the same percentage as your pay rise, is that something to be happy about? When you were getting K2000, a bag of meallie meal was K40, 000; now you get K2800 but a bag of the same staple food is K70, 000, sugar has doubled in price so has transport. Where then is the advantage of your so-called pay rise? Vote wisely and get an honest salary that factors in the cost of living.

POLICE OFFICERS: Can’t you for once do the right thing and vote for someone who can improve your conditions of service so that you are no longer tempted to be corrupt?

SOLDIERS: Don’t pretend that you are not affected by poor leadership. Your children need good schools and jobs after school. You also need to retire in dignity after a life of service to the nation. Right now retired soldiers end up stranded in ghettos telling stories of war in beer halls but having nothing to show.

You are better off voting for Edith Nawakwi other than the Panga family.


After today, things in Zambia will deteriorate or start to improve depending on how you will vote.

If you allow PF to continue, we can guarantee you misery, vengeance, infighting, political arrests, looting of national resources and extreme poverty.

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