Voter registration starts on shambolic note

President Lungu registering at Chawama school

The voter registration exercise that commenced today started on a shambolic note in almost all centres.
At Chawama School where President Edgar Lungu registered from today, the process was frustratingly slow as there was only one person completing the process for those who registered online and another one registering those who did not register online.
From the 100 people who were given numbers in the morning, less than 45 had registered by 18 hours with the rest being told to come with the same numbers tomorrow morning.
At John Howard Welfare Hall, there was only one registration officer who was taking about 35 minutes to register one person as he had to get pictures, enter data and do finger prints.
At one registration centre in Misisi compound within Chawama constituency, the centre ran out of ink by 10 hours after opening at 08 hours.

Some of the people who failed to register charged that ECZ was behaving like people who are sabotaging their own work.
‘It appears these people have an agenda to register very few people judging from the way they are conducting the process,’ one prospective voter lamented.
The voter registration exercise will run from 9th November 2020 to 12th December 2020 and the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says they want to register 9 million voters.

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