‘Voting for PF will mean continuing with these and other ills’

‘Voting for  PF will mean continuing with these and other ills’

Toward the 2011 general elections, the then opposition Patriotic Front, PF, had received so much accusations from the then ruling MMD. The MMD took it a mile further by making sure that they would use (and truly they used) the government machinery to the fullest in ensuring that they hold on to the power they had. All government owned media houses like ZNBC TV and RADIO, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and many more were in full swing in support of the MMD.
Nevertheless, the people of Zambia had made up their minds, for they had reached a point of no return in their decision that only PF should rule. The MMD did all they could. And I mean, they “did all they could” because even the streets had been decorated with MMD materials. They were sure they would scoop the presidency. What they forgot was that they had taken for granted the people of Zambia for long and that as Zambians we could not take it anymore. Our minds had been made up…at this point, nothing could stop the revolution from happening. CHANGE was INNEVITABLE, and only destined to occur.
The next thing we saw was Rupiah Banda shading his tears, as he had earlier intoned that “I will cry if I loose…”
In all this, one thing is for sure; “NEVER TAKE ZAMBIANS FOR GRANTED”
We voted in the PF to look into the various challenges we were facing from community level to national level, and what did they give us…little attention, no time for the people who gave them their votes, and above all BREACH of their own “CAMPAIGN PROMISES.” We did the experiment, and we have seen the results…
And what have they given us so far in the 3 years we entrusted them with power? What have they shown us? What have they proved to us? All these questions and even many more are answered in the 15 points outlined below; Take time to read them.
1. Lack of coordination and consistence when handling the economy e.g. passed and abolished SI 33 and 55 that impacted the Kwacha.
2. Violence among the cadres and harassment of government workers e.g. locking up offices and inconveniencing people who could access services and the fear of being caught up in the violence and the PF leaders were watching.
3. Standoff with both our Bemba Royal Est. over the Paramount Chief and the Lozi over BA.
4. Street vendors have been allowed to mess up the streets and there no plans of providing them with a way of improving their living standards, let alone let them continue loitering in the streets.
5. Removal of subsidies on fuel and maize thereby making mealie-meal and other commodities expensive for ordinary people, but becoming only a normal life for those in government as they don’t feel any of this impact that resulted.
6. Bloated cabinet where some ministries have 3 or 4 deputy ministers when we were promised the opposite hence draining the meager resources that can help develop the country and take it a step further.
7. High debt which we and the future generations need to pay back, just in the name of infrastructure development
8. Job and wage freeze for 2 years when so many people can’t find jobs or money the opposite of “more jobs” and “more money in your pockets” campaign promise.
9. Delayed constitutional reforms which should have been facilitated in 90 days but now on the table after issuing confusing statements from the government officials. 90 days turned into 3 plus years, and still nothing yet is out, let alone the draft.
10. Failure to repeal the Public Order Act which they said was bad while in opposition but found useful to oppress others when they got in power.
11. Appointment of relatives, friends, tribe-mates and cadres to government positions which every Zambian should aspire to. This is contrary to their campaign promises of 2011.
12. Continued poor water supply and sanitation at tertiary education institutions such as Evelyn Hone and Mulungushi University, not forgetting the mighty Copperbelt University.
13. Corruption is on the highest level, as indicated by an insider (Mr. A.B. Chikwanda), in the construction sector where the Chinese are used to cover deals.
14. The lies about the late president’s health, when still in opposition, the then PF president, Michael Chilufya Sata, spoke heavily on other government officials faling health and the need for the nation to be made aware of their condition. In some cases Sata so everything right to tease those not well
15. No formal employment, especially to the youths, as had been the campaign promise of 2011 of “more jobs” for the youths. Instead the PF only managed to secure jobs in the infrastructure development industry mainly the road sector, which has now been halted. These are “behind a Wilburrow” jobs, which cannot go on once a road is finished.
Therefore, due to these few points, with many others not mentioned here, we have been given only one option as Zambians, to VOTE PF OUT of office. Yesterday we had gathered to listen to the way forward in the country’s development agenda , but (to our disappointment) what does Vodka Kaminamisa Lungu do? Read out the plan for his tenure, at a rally? To make matters worse, the same things the opposition have been crying for, for the past 3 years are the same things even the ruling party are intending to solve. The question is what have they been waiting for, in order to work on them? Anyway, that aside…Those things Vodka Kaminamisa read out should have only been flowing if he knows what he intends to do for the country. And among the things we expected he’d touch are;
the 65 years retirement age hike
the wage freeze issue
The Bemba royal Establishment issue
The Barotse Royal Establishment issue which they started in 2011
Firing of Civil servants i.e. Nurses for demanding better wages
Accommodation issues i.e. the UNZA and CBU cases especially UNZA
Delayed payment of over 4000 farmers countrywide

Voting for the PF now would only mean;
to continue with wage freeze and employment freeze.
to continue in bad governance especially the abuse of the Public Order Act
means to continue threatening students of their liberties and no bursaries for many others who qualify.
to continue borrowing without parliament oversight and increasing our DEBT for our future children
for continuous delay in paying our many peasant farmers
for continuous demolishing of houses in cold season, firing of civil servants who want to go on strike
for a continuous disrespect of our chiefs and non gazetting of chitimukulu
vote for continued employing of party cadres in the civil service positions that require real and true professionals
And MOST IMPORTANT of all, TAKING STUDENTS, caught during protests to court instead of police cells for questioning. Of which as STUDENTS it’s definite that the case will be lost.
We once rose up against MMD, we cannot fail now to RISE AGAINST PF….We have been taken for granted for long…Its time we use what we have to get what we need. Together we can, FARMERS, CIVIL SERVANTS, STUDENTS, CHURCH, UNIONS, NGOs, THE POOR, THE RICH, THE EMPLOYED, THE UNEMPLOYED…Lets RISE and CLAIM what is OURS.

Concerned Zambian Citizen
(Copperbelt resident).

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