Voting UPND, PF is voting for violence – NAREP

NAREP is dismayed by the violence that has continued to occur in the country by political party cadres. There have been reports of violence from Shiwangandu, Livingstone, Petauke, Kasama, Mongu, Mazabuka, Monze, Kanyama, Kamanga compound the list is endless. This is a sign that Zambia is setting itself up for 50 years of violence. The questions that the people of Zambia are asking themselves are: Are we safe with such electoral violence? Is there a way in which we can stop this violence we have experienced especially in this election? The biggest question is who is perpetuating this violence?
Violence has negative effects on the people of Zambia, our democracy and the peace we have enjoyed thus far. It also affects voter turn outs. Of the over 40 registered political parties, there are only two political parties who are perpetuating violence, these are PF and UPND and it seems to be tolerated by their top leadership. The only way we can stop this violence as a country is by not voting for PF and UPND. These two political parties have given us every reason that they do not mean well for the peace of this land.
Their cadres are dressed in military attire, some are carrying pangas and machetes, others bow and arrows. They have mapatizia formula. There is also the mufumbwe killings which resulted in the death of many people. The bus stations and markets are warzones of these two political parties. Worse off, violence has even been taken to hospitals like Levy Mwanawasa were cadres attacked their fellow cadres. This is unacceptable and we must put a stop to it now! Because of failure to take leadership by the leaders of these political parties to curb violence, it is a clear indication that they can fail to run this nation.
Therefore, as a Christian nation, we should not allow a violent party to form government as voting for either PF or UPND is voting for violence. We condemn these violent acts by the two political parties and the only way we can put a stop to it, is by rejecting these two parties with a NO VOTE on the 20th of January 2015. The PF and UPND have really messed up our democracy.
NAREP is a party for the people, it is in fact the best political party amongst the remaining 46 political parties because of its great leadership, its direction to develop this country and its new style of leadership of issue based politics and not that of insults and violence. We appeal to all well-meaning Zambians to vote for Mr. Elias Chipimo Jr, a God fearing man, a man of values, a great vision for Zambia and a man of peace whose political party has never been engaged in violence. NO VOTE TO VIOLENT PARTIES.
Reverend Jevan Kamanga
National Secretary
National Restoration Party (NAREP)
14 January 2015

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