Vubwi council by-election results offend PF

Vubwi council by-election results offend PF

These are the results that have annoyed the PF so much.

In their dirty, tribal minds, PF leaders assumed that the people of Vubwi in Eastern province will only vote for PF because PF is led by a Lungu.

But Lungu, unlike RB, rarely speaks the language they understand in Vubwi.

And why are these results witnessed by a ZANIS official not UPND or some independent organisation. ZANIS is an OP branch.

Listen to PF deputy CEO Mumbi Phiri and others insult the people of Vubwi for refusing to adhere to PF’ tribal agenda.

PF won the just ended by election in Vubwi but with an insignificant margin.

The PF is in shock.

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