Wait for real defections when Parliament dissolves- Sichula

Wait for real defections when Parliament dissolves- Sichula

Copperbelt Chingola 07:04:21

Those UPND Senior officials defecting to the PF lack political discernment. This PF you see now will be in Opposition after 12th August this year.

Yes we have seen the excitement of the PF National Mobilisation team, and trotting everywhere, but understand one thing, there is a time when frogs croak a lot and there is another time when they go quiet.

All those defections and parades most of them they are just frustrated. If you see most of them they are defecting because they have sensed they won’t be adopted in the next few days hence taking those steps, there is nothing new it always happens when ever we get to general elections, the defectors simply want to eat with PF.

Wait for real defections after parliament is dissolved, this is when you shall see PF remaining as a skeleton because most politicians know that UPND is forming government come August 12,2021 and they won’t risk being in PF but jump on to the winning team.

This PF you see now ,you shall see it no more!
Filyaciba tefyo cikaba unomuku

King G

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    luskit 2 days ago

    Sad but true, Zambians have suffered a lot from the time sickly Sata stood and won presidency of Zambia. People voted for a foul-mouthed arrogant death-bed man. Everybody in the government, politicians, bureaucrats and connected foreigners took advantage of Sata’s sickness. Money flew all around, borrowings for shoddy jobs was resorted to. Loans remained while roads on which billions was spent fell apart. Corruption increased manifold. National resources ended up in foreigners hands and citizens ended up in debt and job losses.
    Basic elementary econoMic opportunities of growing tomatoes and onions, running a barber shop,running a retail shop was granted to foreigners. Sad but true. As for UPND wi ninv elections . It might be tough but it is doable if opposition joins hands and there is fair seat sharing and deserving ministerial appointments agreed.

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    Patriot 5 days ago

    We can’t all see things the same. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to have opposing views. You’re right about what you say Newbie. But should we all see things from your point of view?

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    Samuel 6 days ago

    Every body will realise the great mistake the country will make by putting back in power the Pf when they the Pf start claiming back this Money people are getting now. Wait for 2022.

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    Watcher 6 days ago

    I wish winning was like a word of mouth, UPND would have won already. Any it’s good to dream

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    Patriot 7 days ago

    I think some people see things the way they look in the rear view mirror. I’m inclined to believe that even the presidents of all the opposition parties know that PF is winning the next election going by their daily hellucinations. It’s like the only message they have is singing corruption to the citizens. But the people are seeing what these politicians pretend not to see… development. And those in areas lacking development know why there’s nothing much happening. Because they chose people who refuse to develop their areas. The people are told “when you elect Mr Soso he’s going to do everything you want”. But when will that be? People are tired of waiting for Mr to win so they can start seeing things working. They’d rather work with those that are already working. Yes we’re going to see a lot of defections but not in the way the author sees them happening. After all, there’s no politician who doesn’t enjoy defections, especially if the defectors are headed his way. If they are headed the other way, they call them “staged defections”, because that’s a politician’s worse nightmare

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      newbie 6 days ago

      Perhaps you should define development. I see an out of control exchange rate, massive debt that your great grandchildren will still be paying off, high inflation leading to basic foods being unaffordable, no jobs.
      So what development are you talking about? Is it a few useless roads that are falling apart, the rampant theft of money by PF officials who now hand it out as empowerment as if they own it?
      Please clarify.

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    belt 7 days ago

    UPND forming government? ??? Wake up please !! You are dreaming.