Wanted missionary now fires workers

DJ Wells

The New Zealand man who is on the run due to allegations of defiling girls and and sexually abusing fellow workers has now fired workers at grace Academy in Makeni.

And DJ wells and his wife, both on the run-with their children, have slid assets of a charity they have been running into a private partnership, the Watchdog has learnt.

It is believed that this sliding of assets into a private company has been achieved in cooperation with one Pastor Chisombole Kapulu of Eternal Life Assembly in Makeni. He is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

According to well placed sources, the Wells created a charitable, non-profit company to run the School, Grace academy. They called the charity Disciple the Nations Ministries Ltd. But they always called it simply “Disnat”.

This company ran a Recruitment Agency on Makishi Road, which was, and still is, a profitable business.

But now the Wells have set up a private partnership also called “Disnat”!  Sliding the charity assets into the private partnership. All the salaries and operation costs of Grace academy came from this charity.

It is against the law to have two registered entities with a similar name.

For the two “Disnats” there is more than a possibility of confusion. The two disnats were also run by the same Mr and Mrs Wells, and operate from the same Makishi road address.

Research at the Patents and Registration Office (PACRO) has  revealed that Mr Wells has been deleted from the Partnership and replaced by Tazingwa Kapulu, thought to be the wife of Pastor Chisombole Kapulu.

DJ Wells himself  has been an elder of Eternal Life Assembly in Makeni for some ten years.

He resigned his eldership at the beginning of the year after revelations about his sex life started to come out. But the reason for his resignation was withheld  by the Church Leadership.

Information received show that the Church is now confused after revelations in the media about DJ’s sexual behaviour and also about fraud in the Charity run by Mr and Mrs Wells.

When the news about Well’s behaviour was published last weekend, Pastor Chisombole read out a letter allegedly from Mr Wells to the Congregation on Sunday.

Some church members wondered how Mr Wells, reported by the Church to be in New Zealand, was able to bring out a response to Zambian Media reports so rapidly; especially considering the twelve hour time difference between Zambia and New Zealand.

On the sacking of staff, acting principal of the School Josephine Mwanza has confirmed in a telephone Interview that all members of staff , including her, have been fired.

Asked what she was doing at school when she was sacked, Mrs Mwanza said the people who fired them are both on the run and they school needs to be running. She said the property housing the school does not belong to the Wells.

She said no member of staff have been paid their salaries and that things are bad at the time.

She confirmed that the issues of sexual abuse involving Mr. Wells have been going for a long time.

She said whenever the issue was raised, his wife defended him saying the female teachers were just being unfair to her husband who was the principle of the school.

Mr. Wells is married and has three teenage children. He was born in the UK but grew up in Zambia as his parents were Salvation Army missionaries  in Zambia . His parents now live in New Zealand and he holds a New Zealand passport

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