Was it Covid-19 or poison that killed the 19-yeah old girl?

Was it Covid-19 or poison that killed the 19-yeah old girl?



“We have lost a 19-year-old patient who had attempted suicide by consuming a herbicide called parakant. The herbicide predominantly causes respiratory distress in addition to multiple organ failure. She was in a critical state and our specialized team did all they could to manage her condition. Unfortunately, she was also notified for COVID-19. We lost her, we pay condolences to the family on behalf of government,” Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya on April 20.


So what really killed this girl, Covid -19 or the poison she took? Minister Chilufya says this is the third coronavirus death. Yet he says she was in a very critical state condition when taken to hospital. Minister Chilufya is not giving enough details on the poison aspect but is fast to declare that the death was caused by Coronavirus. Meanwhile family members tell say the girl took poison after fighting with boyfriend. But the way Chilufya presented this information is like he wants people to believe that the girl took poison after testing positive to the corona virus.


We will maintain that Chitalu Chilufya is not being very honest on Coronavirus. He seems excited to announce increased numbers of deaths even when cause of death is poison. Time will tell. There are financial motivations involved in this whole thing.


By the way, we are told there is no vaccine or cure for coronavirus and that Coronavirus is a deadly disease. But how come there are more recoveries than deaths in confirmed cases? Does it mean that in some cases, the virus dies on it own within the body of the patient? It is a very strange disease indeed. I wish HIV cold also disappear in some patients just like that.



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