Wasteful expenditure on unnecessary PF govt staff transfers

Dear Editor,

Kindly consider researching and publishing the irresponsible and wanton spendthrift of PF Government on avoidable and unnecessary public expenditure on unbridled staff transfers.
In Central Province, for instance, there has been about Five Police Commissioner transfers, Six Provincial Permanent Secretaries transfers, and Three Town Clerks transfers in about two years of PF’s ascendancy to power! This is just a tip of the iceberg of what is obtaining country-wide – including foreign service! Consider Mwaliteta how many times he has been transferred in barely two years of PF regime? Each transfer attracts Settling-in-Allowance mostly calculated at 25% of one’s Annual Salary!

Then we have unnecessary appointing-firing-reappointing of personnel. For instance, RDA’s Chiwala, who is paid his full contractual benefits for being fired in the morning and only to be given a fresh contract in the afternoon, which is again prematurely terminated – paid full contractual perks, then re-appointed! GOD HELP MOTHER ZAMBIA – JUST
It may make sense to assume that appointing authority may be benefiting financially from these worrying staff transfers….

The PF regime needs to be well advised that it makes no political and economic sense removing fuel and mealie meal subsidies, only to finance unnecessary staff mobility! This is not only threatening coordinated development planning and implementation due to lost man hours and lack of adaptation of staff to their new offices’ duties, but is also putting pressure on meager public resources! Little wonder Chikwanda has confessed there are no savings from withdrawn subsidies.
It is also breaking families, who, understandably, cannot cope with these unpredictable numerous transfers! Spouses and school-going children cannot keep on getting transfers too; resulting in separated families and subsequently, broken ones! For those that may manage to keep up with these costly unbridled transfers, they will suffer yet another ‘cost’ – different local languages taught to their little ones in areas they are transferred to. WE NEED GENIUS BABIES MUTATION, I BET!

Please, ZWD, help our nation by putting figures to the foregoing concern on transfers. We need to know just how much tax-payers money is wasted on this.


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