Wasting money on French Consultants

Wasting money on French Consultants

So the PF hired those French consultants
Lazard Freres to negotiate with Euobond holders (creditors). Those French consultants are paid millions of Dollars but so far they have delivered nothing and are likely to achieve nothing except to make more money from Zambian tax payers .

Yesterday they failed to convince bondholders to defer payment but the consultants were paid.
Why is government wasting more of our meagre resources on these people? Is this not just another fraud and money laundering scheme by our rulers? Can minister of Finance Bwalya Ngandu tell us why we still need the lizards! Like we said before, appearance is everything, Zambia should have sent Zambians to negotiate with bondholders not those expenses scammers. Their interest is not Zambia but the fees they are getting whether they succeed or not. But Zambian would have the interest of Zambia at heart and creditors would see the sincerity. But as things stand creditors think we are jokers. If yiu can afford expensive international consultants, you can afford to pay debt.

Some one will ge accountable for this. We know how things work in Zambia. Just wait ✋

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    Kenny Kawele 2 weeks ago

    These crooks were told and adviced on the dangers of their careless borrowing but they never listened because they had a special interest in those borrowed monies..
    I was even more shocked to hear the president boosting that he does not regret for borrowing heavily because his government is building fly over Bridges .What a shame !!
    Hr doesn’t think of the huge repercussions that these debts has on poor Zambians.Normal and sincere people lidterns when they are being advised.We as a country will soon start losing National asserts just because some individuals benefited from the loans through kickbacks and now people has to suffer.
    From all the loans that they borrowed,only about half has been used the rest of it ended up in their pockets. These are moneies they are using to send their cadres to beat and kill innocent citizens…
    Zambians must open up their eyes / ears . The earlier zambians realises that PF is up to no good, the better.

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    Who was getting a commission from the scounderls they engaged?
    Cry beloved Zambia

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    Financial advisers are not capable of changing the truth. This truth is in the open for all to see including the bondholders.

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    The results of being ruled by irresponsible illiterate caders are these we are seeing for ourselves. The caders won’t give up power either because it came cheap and they will do everything to keep it because should things return to normal these caders won’t have any money because they don’t know how to honestly earn it apart from muscling into people’s lives getting what they don’t earn.

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    Musumali Liyunga 2 weeks ago

    I have always told friends and colleagues that we are not a nation but a bunch of fools that are trying to run a country. However they have failed to take me seriously because this reality hurts and is very embarrassing. Very soon the entire world is slowly coming to realise who we are. In the immediate future the whole world will want not to have anything to do with Zambia. If there are any decent people in Zambia they should do something about the governance of the country.

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    Chilyata 2 weeks ago

    In fact HH would have done a better job if they asked him for help.

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    “Why is government wasting more of our meagre resources on these people?” And the answer is: We are paying for our ignorance and for our inferiority complex thinking that the other man is better than us. Next time the government think of embarking on similar task I should be consulted.