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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he is happy that he has already started providing national leadership and direction while still in opposition, but was now asking Zambians to elect him so that he can direct all his good policies from State House.

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And Mr. Hichilema says that although time will be tight before the 2016 election there are a lot of good policies that could be implemented in two years, as evidenced by the amount of damage and harm the PF had done in the same amount of time.

Speaking when he addressed mammoth rallies in Chilanga and Kafue yesterday, Mr. Hichilema said he was happy that the PF government has started reversing and implementing the same things he keeps talking about, although most of them are being done in a wrong way.


“I have told the nation that I will unconditionally reinstate all the fired nurses, and today the PF government have recalled the nurses. I told them that I will recognise Chitimukulu, the PF now are also saying they have started the process. I have said that I will reverse the retirement age from 65 to 55, and now the PF are also saying they will reconsider the decision.

I have said that I will reduce food prices, the PF are also saying they will do the same. I have said that I will drastically reduce the cost of fuel because the cost on the international market has drastically reduced, they have started making minimal fuel reductions. I have said that farmers need to be paid for their produce and not be arrested, at least some have started receiving payments.

They are doing some of the things I have been preaching about, although they are going about it in the wrong way. So who is ruling the country at the moment?” Mr. Hichilema asked the cheering crowds, that answered “HH”.

Mr. Hichilema wondered why he could therefore not be given a vote since he was already giving leadership in the country and was already widely accepted everywhere he has been.

He told the cheering crowds that the PF were campaigning like they were in the opposition and not in government to do the things they were also promising the people of Zambia.

“They are now reversing everything that they approved in Cabinet with the late president Michael Sata (MHSRIP), yet at the same time they claim to want to carry on with his legacy and vision. Instead they have now started implementing our vision, but they are doing this in the wrong way, because our vision is a well-coordinated and holistic economical approach”, he said.

The UPND President Hichilema said even if the PF were now reversing some decisions, the damage had already been done to many families that are suffering as a result of the last three years.

Mr. Hichilema said there was no need in the first place to dismiss the health workers, to remove fuel and mealie meal subsidies, to increase the retirement age, to effect the wage and employment freeze, not to recognise the Chitimukulu, not to pay farmers on time but instead arresting them, to drag the constitutional making process and many others decisions they were now reversing.

And Mr. Hichilema said he was now vindicated by the PF leaders who were trying to cheat people that there was nothing an opposition leader could do in two years going by the rate at which they were reversing their own policies.

“If the PF had promised so much within 90 days, there is a lot my dedicated team of men and women with integrity could do even within two years. Look at the speed at which they have so far reversed Sata’s and their own decisions in just the last few weeks”, he said.

Several other alliance MMD and ADD Members of Parliament also addressed the crowd, including Lubasenshi Independent MP Patrict Mcheleka, and Prof. Geoffrey Lungwangwa.


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