Watch PF activities in Northern province

Watch PF activities in Northern province


It has been brought to our attention and confirmed that a Mr Chisulo DEBS for Senga Hill district is busy moving with the Head Teacher from Chomba school in Senga Hill, a Mr Bwalya, starting from the 1st of August 2021 visiting schools in Senga Hill. These two people have been going round schools at night abusing a government vehicle ( reg number GRZ 350CV) in the name of inspecting schools for COVID inspection prior to opening school, *while there true mission is to convince and tell other fellow head teachers who are presiding officers to take advantage of the illiterates, disabled and old aged to vote on their behalf for PF.*

We have also confirmed and verified that the two are being supervised by a Mr. Musonda Kapulo who is the Director HR at the Ministry of Education as well as the Director of a PF fake and bogus organization called Movement for Voter sensitisation (MVS) which is just an extension arm of the PF and is being used to rig elections.

In the campany of the PEO for Northern Province they have been moving from district to district and school to school campaigning and harassing innocent teachers secretly and preparing to rig the polls for PF.

Other cadres who are govt employees and part of this serious scheme include:

1. Mr. Chipalo a lecturer at St Mary’s Secondary School who is an Assistant Returning Officer for Mbala Central.

2. Ms. Chungu Norah an ECZ District Trainer for Mbala and an employee at St Mary’s.

3. Mr. Simutowe Amos the Debs for Mpulungu.

4. Mr. Katemba the ESO General and mapped to Lunte.

5. Mr. Chipili who is the Debs for Kasama and is the Returning Officer for Lukashya.

6. Mr. Zulu who is the Returning Officer for Kasama central.

7. Also Ms. Gondwe Jane the Head Teacher at Mbulu Secondary School and MVS district leader for Mbala.

8. Mr. Bwalya the Head Teacher at Chomba who has been put in charge of PVT for ECZ so that he can be alerting th

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