• A lot of Zambians are still able to log in and read stories from inside Zambia using various tools such as the thousands of proxy tools available on the Internet. It is abundantly clear that Zambians, just like people in any other country where regimes attempt to suppress the media, are learning fast how to defy the system and circumvent the blocking.
    But what has been most interesting is how many Zambians are now reading the stories and commenting of the Zambian Watchdog Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/ZambianWatchdog
    www.zambianwatchdog.com is accessible outside Zambia without any problems. In addition, all the articles published here are also posted on the Facebook page.
    There are raging debates going on there. We advise our readers and followers who can’t post comments here due to blocking of the the site by the Zambian government to create facebook accounts and join the commenting and debating. it is so exciting.
    Just look at the huge volume of comments that other readers left on our facebook page just yesterday (a Sunday for that matter) on one story.
    We will maintain this website and also run the Facebook fan page so that no one misses nothing and nothing is missed. We are determined ad will never stop publishing news on and about Zambia.
    See some of the comments below on the story where Sata was foolishly saying Fr Bwalya and HH are products of fornication.
    To read the other numerous comments and also post your own, just like our page https://www.facebook.com/ZambianWatchdog