Watchdog team wishes you a merry Xmas, prosperous 2013

As Watchdog team we wish all our loyal readers and followers a merry Christmas and looking forward to a prosperous 2013 year.

On our part we have been through difficult situations as expected but we sincerely hold no grudge against anybody.

From hour hearts we sincerely understand and genuinely forgive those who have insulted and ridiculed us in private and public.

But we believe differences in opinions in a democracy like ours is healthy and we shall honestly promote it without private or public order act to used against anybody.

The same insults, challenges, and love we got from most of you, we believe that if God can move all of us from January to December He will move us from Shame to Fame, Insult to Result, Disgrace to His Grace, Labour to Favour, Mockery to Victory. May the Lord raise you from Glory to Glory.

Wishing a blessed & PROSPEROUS 2013 !!!

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