Watchdog under attack

Government agents are currently trying to hack this website. We apologize if you are experiencing any difficulties accessing the site at the time.  It is the work of the desperate government  We know that in some parts of the World the site is showing old stories even if we published fresh ones at 20:30 Zambian time.

PF regime agents started attempting to bring down this site on Wednesday around midday.

Agents of the Satanic regime have also been attempting other activities against the Zambian Watchdog from last Sunday. Such activities will  be published here later.

May we also take this opportunity to explain the issue of emails popping up on a different computer. This is technically impossible. Such lies are planted by PF agents. The only time you can see another person’s email is if you are using the same computer or phone. That is because after using the computer or phone, the email remains on that particular gadget. It is your responsibility to remove the email after posting a comment if you are blogging from a public place like an internet cafe or work place.

In any case, there is no need to freak-out as if you have seen the ghost of Michael Sata’s grandfather when you see an email. Most emails used by bloggers here are fake.

But, in these bad times, we strongly advise you to use a fake email to blog.  And please note that your comments will take a bit of time before they appear during this time. So there is no need to keep posting the same comment several times.

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