Watchdog was most influential even in 2013 – OP report

The Zambian Watchdog was the most influential media in the country in 2013 according to end of year analysis by the Office of the President Special Division seen by the Zambian Watchdog.
The same OP analysis put the Watchdog at number one in 2012.
Radio Icengelo on the Copperbelt was the most influential broadcaster in local language (Bemba). The Daily Nation was the most improved print media in urban Zambia. Muvi Television was the best TV Station in Zambia.
According to the report, the arrest of Journalists perceived to be linked to the Zambian Watchdog worked in favour of the publication as more and more people fell in love with the publication. ” On the Zambian Watchdog, the route taken by the State to arrest Journalists linked to the publication backfired. A number of credible International organisations commented resulting in credibility rise on the part of the publication” the report reads in part.
The report says more and more youths are now accessing the publication Via Face Book.
On the Daily Nation the report says the paper was improving but had limited distribution capacity hence not having much impact on the National scale. It is doing extremely fine though it is mainly restricted to Lusaka. The paper has limited distribution capacity to areas outside Lusaka. It is the paper of Choice in the Capital City. On the Catholic Church owned Radio Icengelo, the report says it was the most influential vernacular broadcaster. Muvi Television still remains the television station of choice. It is being assisted by improved programming.
The OP conducts their own analysis meant for internal operations but also shared with the president and a few selected leaders in government.

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