Water blues, blood shortage hit UTH again

Water blues, blood shortage hit UTH again

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 06.21.23Water blues have hit the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) once again and the blood bank is dry.

A check conducted by the Watchdog on Tuesday December 23, 2014 revealed that the hospital has been facing acute supply of blood. The hospital has no money to send staff in the field to collect blood. Further the Water reticulation system at the hospital has serious challenges in addition to shortage of bed space.

Water shortages became acute the past few days with Sunday and Monday having no water completely.

Bed siders had find containers two fetch water from nearest houses.

Meanwhile, members of staff at the hospital have blamed the lack of critical services at the hospital on poor political will by the Patriotic Front government.

“I know it is election time and people will say we are politicking or we belong to this and that party but the fact is that we are here to save lives. Surely which one should be the priority between creating extra bed space, improving water supply and buying fuel for officers to go in the field to collect blood on one hand and constructing a very expensive double story Car park,” One senior Doctor asked.

The Medical Doctor said it was important that political leader made right choices before embarking on projects in government institutions.

“Look at that Car Park being constructed. It is very expensive but it is not a priority but because politicians benefit from such projects, they finance it instead of creating more bed space. Let me take you to the admission ward now you see for yourself,” the source said.

At the low cost admission ward patients sleep on the floor enduring the stench.

“The PF promised better medical care and to make matters worse, they promised free medical services but look at this. These guys should just go. MMD was even better than this government,” one hospital staff said.

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