Water crisis hit Chilenje

Water crisis hit Chilenje

Dear Editor,

Kindly and urgently publish this concern for me:

Chilenje South in Lusaka has had erratic supply of water from Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) for some time now. Local residents are used to the erratic water situation because most of them have bought 200 litres containers where they store water and to some extent others have eight to ten containers of 20 liters to store which usually drips for two to three hours on a blessing and good day. People have nowhere to take their complaints as Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company is just good at distributing water bills which are usually exaggerated and frightening clients of disconnections.

The unfortunate thing is that for the past six days Chilenje South in Lusaka has had no single drop of water coming out from taps. How are people going to live in this atrocious and very bad situation where there is water crisis? This township has on average eight members of a household and how will they answer the call of nature where there is no water to pour in the toilets? The situation as am writing is very critical and saddening. Local residents are afraid of complaining for fear of harassment and possible prosecution if they said there is water crisis.

On Thursday, 29th August 2019 LWSC sent out massive mobile text messages reading ” “Apologies for the no water situation. This is due to ZESCO maintenance works at Chilanga Booster station. Supply will be restored once the works are done”. Today the 31st August 2019, LWSC has just sent another massive mobile text message reading ” Note that we are experiencing low water production due to low power, low water table, borehole vandalism and pipe damages -sincere apologies”. From the two messages LWSC is contradicting itself the first apology was to do with ZESCO maintenance works and today it has to do with low power, low water table, borehole vandalism and pipe damages. Is it a crime when if I say there is water crisis or water disaster in Chilenje South? Also, for how long will it take LWSC to contain the situation?

If people tell the truth of shortages of water supply or water crisis the PF Government will say the Opposition Parties are fighting government or telling lies. I demand a tangible and reasonable response from the Chief Government Spokes Person – Honourable Dora Siliya and LWSC Management.

Concerned Chilenje South Lusaka Resident.

Kindly do not publish my identity.

Thank you

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