Water level at Kariba declines further

Water level at Kariba declines further


The water level in Kariba Dam has lowered by 9 centimetres in the last week closing at 479.54 metres by Monday June 24, 2019.

The Kariba Lake hydro-power station is designed to operate between the levels of 475.5m and 488.5m in order to generate power.

Therefore Zambia and Zimbabwe still have more than 4 metres before reaching the minimum height level for hydro-power generation.

According to the Zambezi River Authority website on the same date last year, the Kariba Lake water level was 486.81 m.

Within the past month, the water has gone down by 32 cm in total.

But this is no valid excuse for subjecting the country to loadshedding as this was expected and if there were normal, good leaders in government, a robust alternative plan would have been devised a long time ago. But PF will continue blaming God for low water in the Zambezi

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