Water Pipe bursts under illegal market stalls as epidermic looms

Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company of Kabwe has lost thousands of Kwacha in water leakage arising from a burst pipe which lies under illegally allocated stalls at Kabwe’s town centre market popularly known as Green market.

Company sources disclosed that the pipe releases over 20,000 litres of treated water per day in the leak that has lasted more than a month, the company has asked the Municipal council to consider demolishing the structures and compensate the owners but the council fears that the exercise will be costly.

“We are losing over 20,000 litres of treated water at a very high cost, that pipe burst more than a month ago so if you multiply that you would understand the loss, partly that is why we have operational problems….. it is because of this rampant illegal land allocation by the PF councilors and most structures are built on our infrastructure,” said the source.

After discovering that the stalls were built on a water pipe, then Kabwe Municipal Council Director of planning Verenacio Tembo proposed a demolition but PF officials in the district accused him of decampaigning the government and consequently got him dismissed. An investigation by the Watchdog revealed that the traders occupying the stalls were allocated land by the council and have been paying annual trading fees and taxes to ZRA.

UPND central province Youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe who visited the site in the company of journalists described the situation as ‘recklessness from an outgoing government’ and called for an urgent but amicable solution to the problem. Mwanakampwe said the wastage being exhibited was a sign of PF’s failure to understand economic management.

“When we say PF don’t understand economic management of the country, people doubt us. Now how can you entertain this kind of wastage, this is recklessness from an outgoing government and we are happy that time is ticking fast and people are seeing how PF has failed,” said Mwanakampwe.

Mwanakampwe warned that government would be held responsible for any loss of life from a waterborne diseases that shall arise from the spillage.

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