Water shortages hit Chipata

An Erratic water supply has hit some

parts of Chipata district forcing people to draw water from shallow



A check by ZANIS today  revealed that residents were drawing

water from shallow wells.


The residents of  Kapata township said the area was experiencing prolonged water

shortages and called on the water utility company to solve the problem.


One of the the residents, Anna Nyirongo said her house had running water for only about

three to four hours everyday  a situation she said was not conducive

especially for sanitation purposes.


Ms Nyirongo noted that the water which most residents were using was

not treated and expressed fear that people might suffer from

diarrheal diseases.


‘’ Almost every day, we have to wake up at 04 hours to draw water and

if you do not do that, you will find that there is no water by the

time you wake up at 06 hours, ‘’ She said, adding that, her house

only has water for about three hours during the day.


When reached for a comment, Eastern Water and Sewerage Company (EWSC)

Public Relations Officer, Henry Kashoki, said his office had just done

a notice of apology as a result of the erratic water supply.


Mr. Kashoki said the water utility was putting a new pump to supply

water to Mchini ,Moth and Kapata residential areas.


He added that currently work to install a bulk meter for measuring

water from the plant to supply tanks was underway.


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