Water supply to Kitwe police cut

Dear editor, hide my Id please.

Kindly help me expose the cruelty going on concerning the closure of water supply to Riverside Police Station and any other public institution by Nkana water and sewerage company.

Nkana water installed water meters in April saying Govt has stopped paying for civil servants’ utility bills, instead they will be paying for themselves. When they brought their bills at the monthend of April, we discovered that they had billed us from the month of January up to May. So the entire station refused to pay for the water which did not pass through their meters.
As a result, the water company has now disconnected Riverside police station from the water supply.

How are the people especially the inmates held in cells going to survive? How do they go to the toilets when there is no water?
We have no problem paying for bills, but paying for the months of January to March should be ruled out because we were not aware.
Thanks in advance.

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