Water tanks make the difference for Zambian Businesses and Communities

Water tanks have become an important feature on the African continent. With Africa being susceptible to extreme weather and climate events, water has become the most important currency.

The success of agriculture, business, industry, and mining are dependent on water. They are the four pillars of the developing African economies and water is also extremely important to keep communities running. Water is simply essential for life.

In light of this, along came the company Abeco Tanks. Mannie Snr. Ramos, started the company when he recognised a serious water scarcity problem arising in the future.

He wanted to provide a cost-effective, convenient solution that would bring about a stable uninterrupted supply of water to businesses and communities. Urgent planning was needed.

Abeco Tanks is responsible for the installation of most of the water tanks on the Southern African continent today.

In Zambia, the tanks have made a difference for many businesses and communities. In 2020 it was reported that the country was facing severe water shortages after a lengthy drought and that the average rainfall in Zambia has fallen by 2.3% per decade over the last 60 years.

The Abeco tanks offer Zambian businesses and communities more than water storage, they offer a continuity plan.

They are the world’s first water banks preventing water shortages by acting as a ‘savings account’ so that businesses and communities never run out of water. Having access to water in times of scarcity will determine who thrives and who doesn’t.

For over 35 years the Johannesburg-based company has operated in the continent and today they operate in 35 countries worldwide.

Abeco Tanks has both clients and staff who have been loyal to them for many years. Some staff has been with the company since its inception.

120 qualified boilermakers, operators, supervisors, welders, and quality control staff man the 269,000 square foot factory.

In 1983 Mannie Snr. Ramos started Abeco Tanks and today it is a family-owned business with Mannie Snr as Executive Chairman, Mannie Jnr as Chief Operating Officer, and Duane Ramos as Managing Director.

Ten years ago Mannie Jnr returned to South Africa to take on a leadership role in the business. With his MBA from Henley Business School in the UK and his valuable experience working in finance at prestigious companies in Australia, the US, Dubai, Singapore, and the UK he has been instrumental in the growth of Abeco Tanks over three continents.

The company has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality water storage tanks from materials that are all locally sourced.

Since the start of the company, the Ramos family insisted on only supporting local manufacturers and products. Their tanks keep businesses running, as usual, save jobs, save money and save and uplift communities all over the world.

In South Africa, they create jobs and support and build the South African economy.

Investing in an Abeco water tank is a long-term investment. Due to all their steel parts being galvanised and protecting them from corrosion, these tanks last for up to 40 years.

The modular design of the tanks means they can be easily transported to any location. The tanks are also easy to assemble on site.

No welding is required but the steel panels are assembled using nuts and bolts of high tensile grade and all sealants and rubber components are non-tainting and non-toxic ensuring the storage of hygienically clean water.

In their mission statement, the company states that through innovation and modern technology they strive to ensure a cost-effective high-quality end product for all their customers.

Due to their patented precision-punching technology and because they do everything locally in their manufacturing plant they can construct water tanks of any shape and size to suit any space.

Abeco Tanks is held to a high standard for quality and customer service. The company has a few accreditations namely the ISO9001 certification which holds them to a standard set according to many principles based on quality management.

They are a member of the ISF who ensure they provide clients with cost-effective steel products and of high quality.

The company was also awarded a membership to the Water Institute of Southern Africa because they are committed to the upliftment of water resource management in SA.

All the water tanks manufactured by Abeco Tanks comply to ASIB (Automated Sprinkler Investigation Bureau) standards.

They are a member of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction and last but not least have a SANS 10329 certification through the SA Technical Auditing Services (SATAS) that ensures they manufacture to their requirement.

Abeco Tanks manufactures and installs water tanks that offer hope for those experiencing difficult times.

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