We’ll defend our bishops, priests – Mpika Diocese

MPIKA Diocese Catholic pastoral council has condemned the MMD over the continued verbal attacks on Lusaka Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu.

In a statement issued at the just-ended pastoral council meeting, leader of the 14 parishes in Mpika Diocese Constantino Kaminsa stated that the insults from Catholic and non-Catholic politicians in the ruling MMD to the top leadership of the Catholic Church were very saddening and insulting to the entire Catholic populace.

“I strongly warn those Catholic MMD cadres who side with the government to stop encouraging and perpetuating wrongdoings, instead they should defend the interest of the poor Zambians who have been living in abject poverty since independence,” Kaminsa stated. “The role of the Catholic Church is to speak for the voiceless, by bringing out issues of injustice and ensure fair play to liberate the captives. There is no such a thing as Ecclesia fund from Rome which Archbishop Mpundu has accessed to beef up the Patriotic Front. This is proper hallucination and total ignorance.”
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