We already cleared Fire Tenders – ACC

29th September 2017

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To: The News Editor
The Commission has noted the concerns of the public in the media regarding the procurement of 42 fire tenders, and the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way. The concerns revolve around the costs involved as well awarding of the contracts. Media reports on this matter have led to calls for investigative wings to investigate these matters.
The Anti-Corruption Commission wishes to make it known to the public that in 2016, the Commission was investigating a matter relating to the awarding of the tender involving the 42 fire tenders. The investigations centered on whether or not the appropriate procurement processes and procedures were followed in the awarding of the tender. Investigations in this matter revealed that processes and procedures were followed and the matter was subsequently closed the same year.
However, the Commission has noted the public concern over this matter. In light of this, the Commission is calling upon members of the public with any new information on the matter to avail the same to the Commission, to enable the Commission look into the matter further.
The Commission has also taken an interest in the matter involving the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way. The Commission would further like to urge members of the public who have information on alleged corruption to promptly report such matters to the Anti-Corruption Commission as provided for in the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012, as opposed to only going to the media. The Commission handles whistleblowers and all other clients with utmost confidentiality and professionalism, ensuring that their rights are well protected.
Because of the nature of its investigations, the Commission may not necessarily publicize information regarding cases under investigation, but this does not mean that the Commission is not conducting its work. The Commission reports on investigations at appropriate junctures.
Pastor Dorothy Mwanza
Acting Spokesperson


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    Precious Mbuto 5 months

    everyone is corrupt. especially the accountants. today i am asking why no body cares also about report ceo pius kasolo from zccm is accused of not reporting true. why??? the acc should investigate him and zccm and kpmg, bad people

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    Munguya 6 months

    ACC-Acceptable Corruption Commission. You wonder who these goons works for , the peaple of Zambia or protecting the corrupt politicians?

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    James Badoo 6 months

    Arrest ACC. They are abetting corruption and should be disbanded forthwith. The current perception of them being cholaboys for Lungu is evident to all. They are apart of the rampart corruption and as such they can not clear anything that is corrupt. They are corruption itself..

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    Anti-Corruption(ACC) is corrupt kwata.

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    Anti-Corruption is corrupt kwata.

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    kubweka 6 months


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    Which eva party who wil take over government in 2021 wil b pressurised 2 carry investigation from de time of NYAMASOYA RB 2 these guys,no wonder former ACC Director madam Wandi resigned she couldnt bear seing zambia reapped by thugs ba mpompwe like wilddogs reapping through de fresh of alive zebra.this country is finished everyone is now a thief no were 2 run 2 for help,u run 2 a police officer 4 help he wil push u away n defend de criminals.u run 2 de courts 4 help they oso push u away n defend de criminals,we plan 2 run 2 ACC 4 help they r already pushing pushing us away 2 criminals,wat a country zambia has bcom its a shame mo 2 our children n there children coz soon at this rate we r moving zambia wil b no mo

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    ACC report Not trusted not convicing Hw come ACC today u telling zambians ati u started yo investigation on fire tender trucks in 2016:bt yet even de president is not aware dat someone bought dem,who authorised u 2 carry these investigations coz u cnt carry them minus informing de president office.2 whom did u report 2 coz the office of de president has no such report if he had he would hav responded positivly bt he told de world that he didnt know anything about these fire trusts.pliz ACC stop exposing yoselfs by cooking up stores u just making things worse stop it n leave these cases 2 de persons who hv bn accused o persons who commited them 2 defend themselfs,u now trying 2 cover FINDECO BUILDING with a single bed blanket ont evn a kingsize blanket cn cover it.zambians r not dull madam its already 2 late no any sugercoting wil help cover these so many many corruption cases wil hidden from now on,everyone is very alart madam,we just waiting 4 yo time 2 leave offices den we wil open new ones wich r prisons

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    Shi Mumbi 6 months

    The name of Anti-Corruption Commission- ACC has been changed to VERY CORRUPT COMMISSION

    VCC with effect from Last year’s General Elections.

    You are standing on top of the mountain callings for further probe on these Corruption

    scandals, what more do you want? PF is very Corrupt starting from their father Edgar Lungu.

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    REX TEMBO 6 months