We are also demonstrating against DPP Nchito

We would to clarify that, the demonstration we are calling as opposition parties has nothing to do with the matter that has been taken to court by our judges. What we are demonstration against is Mutembo Nchito’s continued stay in the office as Director for Public Prosecutor. The reason why we are protesting against Mutembo Nchito is that, he is supposed to be government chief adviser on criminal matters in the country. Now the way things are at the moment whereby he has his own criminal matters pending in court, he will not be in a good position to advice government on such matters before people point fingers on him. We feel, Mutembo Nchito is not the right person to hold that office.

Since the president seem not to be willing to chuck him out the office for reasons known to him alone, or perhaps the president is shielding him for some wrongs he might have done in his private person and are know to Mutembo Nchito, we feel it is our duty to remove him from our public office.

We wish to assure the Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga that, our decision to hold a public but peaceful demonstration has nothing to do with the matter in court. However, if she feels granting us a right to hold a public but peaceful demonstration is contemptuous, it is ok but let her know that, the letter was delivered to her office as provided for by the law. We are happy that the police are aware of our intention and this is reason why through her they reacted by way of threats.

We further wish to remind the police that, it is our constitutional right to hold a public but peaceful demonstration on issues which affect us and are of national interest. Since we have already notified the police in good time, we shall proceed with our planned demonstration this coming Wednesday. We therefore advise the police to do their job of providing security to us and not to join the Patriotic Front (PF) thugs in attacking us in the pretext that, they warned us.

We maintain that, the call for demonstration is a noble cause and it should be supported by all well meaning Zambia.  We will not allow the Patriotic Front government to push around the judiciary. If this noble institution is weakened, the justice system in the country goes to the Dogs.  It is against this Background that we call people to join us in the fight for a free judiciary.

For us the call for public demonstration against the PF government is a sign for solidarity to the judiciary. Allowing the PF to push over the judiciary is an indirect consent to the dictatorial tendencies being exhibited by this government. Not long ago, President Michael Sata picked on parliament and threatened to dissolve it for what he termed connivance. We don’t know who will be the next target. We should end this dictatorial trend before it goes out of hand.

We have said it before and we shall say it again. National administration is made up of three arms which operate under conditions of respectable consultations with one another. We have observed that, President Sata is slowly losing the respect for one of the three arms of government-the judiciary. He has taken a confrontation stance against it.

We feel it is fatal for president Sata to dive into the affairs of the judiciary and begin to bully judges as through he was the alpha and omega of this land. President should have known better that, Consultation among the arms of government is the key to co-existence and none of the three should at one time usurp power of the other unit.

We must also mention here that this forthcoming demonstration will serve among other things, to demand the remove of the Director for Public Prosecution, Mutembo Nchito to give way to investigations on many allegations levelled against him, the immediate payment of the 14 billion Mutembo and his friend M’membe to the DBZ and respect for the judiciary. We shall not stop until this is achieved.

Now that the president has done what he should not have done, we are left with no other option but to stand up against him. We shall face him head on. One thing we know is that, we shall continue to push until we achieve our goal. We want to see a free judiciary.

Lest people think, the minister of Justice Honourable Sebastian Zulu is doing a good job we are also extending our call for him to step down. He is not doing the nation a good service in matters that have hit media head lines in the last few weeks. We are particularly concerned with the way he managed the matter regarding the executive and the judiciary. Had he offered a favourable advice to the executive, the situation could have not degenerated this way. For us, this is a sign of incompetence and he should volunteer to resign his position as minister of justice. This call should also be extended to the president. He equally is a culprit. We have already told him to step down but he has with impunity decided to cast a deaf ear to our call. Let him know that, not long from now, we shall maybe call for a public demonstration outside State House for him to act.

We are equally not amused by the decision of the technical committee of expert on the constitution to sneak in a clause in the draft constitution which is supportive to a call to recognise homosexuality. This is not only criminal but demonic as well. Perhaps that is the reason why they do not want us to give submissions. Let them know that, we shall in the fullness of time call a demonstration against them soon. Let them claim, we did not warn them.

The ordinary Zambian may have not seen this sneaking in of the homosexuality scam because it has been done very deviously. We won’t allow them to cheat the ordinary trusting Zambian people on this or indeed Mutembo Nchito and his friends to use their offices to write off taxpayer’s money or indeed falsifying a court ruling.

Issued by Edwin Sakala

Zambia Direct Democracy ZDDM National Coordinator

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