We are angered by HH, say MMD youths

The follwing press release was emailed to the Watchdog this morning:

Lusaka, 26th April, 2010.

Press Release


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema was quoted in the last Wednesday edition of the Post insulting the Republican president, insulating that the President had a small brain. The National Youth League is angered by that statement and wish to advise Mr. Hichilema that if he is a leader worth his sort he must grow up. Recently, Mr. Hichilema who came on the political scene claiming to introduce issue based politics has become a worse insulter than his teacher Mr. Michael Sata. We think that Zambia which has been in multiparty democracy since 1991 deserves better opposition leaders and not the kind as Mr. Hichilema. Mr. hichilema whose wealth is questionable is a young man desperate to be President of Zambia but it is unfortunate that he believes insults would help him. He has destroyed a once strong opposition UPND which the late Mazoka built with hard work.

Mr. Hichilema came into politics on a tribal ticket after the death of Mazoka in 2006. He is extremely unqualified even for the position of ward councilor. Therefore, let him go back and start afresh and aspire for the position of ward councilor. The National Youth League expects leaders to talk about how they would address the daunting national economic problems rather than engaging in politics of insults and name calling. It is very difficult today to appreciate Hichilema’s economic plan assuming and supposing he came to power. He does not say what he would do for the roads, agriculture, economic empowerment, mining, tourism and the like.

We are extremely happy with the economic programme which President Rupiah B. Bwezani Banda has embarked upon in the last 16 months he has been in power. Within a short period of time has been able to stabilize the economy and the exchange rate against foreign currencies, new mining investments to the tune of US$1billion, road construction and resurfacing, the construction of 18 general hospitals in 18 districts and the 9 more which are under construction. We also appreciate that the government has constructed 45 high quality High schools in different districts. We further commend the government through the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission for adopting a policy to give priority to Zambians in awarding contracts. We are very sure that H.E. President Rupiah B. Banda will win by at least 75% in the 2011 general election.

Publicity Secretary-NYL

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