We are changing commenting system to counter govt sponsored agents

After failing to physically destroy or hack the Watchdog, due to the superior technology we use, the PF government has distributed hundreds of laptops to selected cadres to spew insults  on this news webiste.

The cadres are also given money to buy Internet airtime to specifically respond with negativity and insults to all articles posted on the Watchdog.

One cadre who was empowered with a laptop and money told the Watchdog that ‘I am now able to access Facebook even at night.’ He further said ‘I post one or two soft insults on your site but am using the laptop for my own things.’

Given this onslaught from the government and its agents, we are now filtering each and every comment that is posted here.

This unfortunately will be delaying the time genuine comments are posted and the time they appear on the site because the filtering requires human intervention.

Insults and comments that do  not relate to the particular article shall not be published.

Unnecessarily long comments, comments containing links will rarely be published.


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