We are going ahead with rallies, HH tells police

We would like to make it clear to the Zambia Police that the UPND will be going ahead with its final rally on August 10th in Chawama, despite coming under pressure from those seeking to abuse their office for partisan advantage.

We have submitted all the necessary documentation and followed due process. There is no sound or credible reason why we should not go ahead.

During the campaign period, our permits and permissions have been resisted, denied or cancelled at last minute on numerous occasions in a blatant attempt to obstruct us and try and stop our campaigns. This has created an uneven playing field in which we are clearly being disadvantaged.

It is extremely important that in these last few days all parties are allowed to campaign freely if the elections are to have any credibility, something we hope the election observers now registered in the country are watching closely.

As the police may recall ahead of the 2015 presidential by-election both the PF and the UPND held their final rallies in Lusaka both and it was not a problem.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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