We are heading for trouble unless Sata sorts our priorities

Dear editor

I say it again when RB was leaving office the price of 25kg mealie meal was K38000. Now it is K80000. It is very simple, before 20th September 2011 I went to buy a 25kg of mealie meal and I got it at K38000. Last week I went to the same shop to buy a 25kg of mealie meal and I got it at K80000. Before 20th September 2011 I went to a bank in Chingola to make payments for my child at school overseas the exchange rate was k4800 to 1 US dollar. I went to do the same transactions to the same bank in September this year, the exchange rate was k5200 to 1 US dollar. I paid more kwachas. I was annoyed.

My mother from the village phoned me she said she wanted money to buy farming fertilizer. She told me she has not received the money from FRA.I was annoyed. I sat down and reflected, so RB was a performer. STATISTICS DO NOT CHEAT.We are heading for trouble. My current president should sort out his priorities.SELF PRESERVATION SHOULD NOT BE A PRIORITY

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