We are living a lie under Sata

I am not anti- sata and am not writting this to condem sata.I am writting to tell the truth and if the truth condems president sata then he stands condemned.I am for truth no matter who tells it.
I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.I am a human being first and  foremost and as such  am for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole .I believe its a crime for anyone being exploited to continue to accept that exploitation without doing something to defend himself.That is why i will not fear any mans interlect who tries to defend a teacherous party like PF and if i tell the simple truth it doesnt mean that i am anti Sata.
It merely means that am anti exploitation.Most of  zambians neighbouring presidents know that Zambians are being exploited and that president sata and his government need some help,but they dont wish to be embarrassed trying to help a president who shows no evidence that he wants some help and who seems to refuse to cooperate in his own interests.president sata’s critical problem is lack of of imagination!his thinking ,his startegies,if any are always limited  at least basically  to only  that  which is either advised or approved by Fred mmembe,and worse enough he is full of greed ,yet he  knows that too many organisations have been destroyed by leaders who tried to benefit personally,often goaded into it by greed.President sata has failed and yet many PF people believe in him than he believes in himself.president sat is not a true leader because no true leader burdens his followers with a greater load than they can carry and no true leader sets on  an known path.
For over a year now we have been living a lie. President sata is too confused to be seriously followed any longer,he doesnt know what he believes in,no sooner do you hear one thing than he is switched to something else,and this is the same with all other PF leaders,they are all Zombies,they are hypnotized,pointed in a certain direction and told to march by Fred Mmembe.Many people to day in zambia have got problems because of Government failure,hypocrisy,greed and lack of  mercy and compassion.Hence we have no mercy or compassion in us for a government that will crush people and then penalise them for not being able to stand up under the weight.
What we need to do today in zambia is to stop the hypocritical politics and propaganda.The government has to stop pointing fingers at  MMD,certainly nothing is ever going to get solved by throwing upon RB and other so called MMD-ists the blame for economic tomoil in zambia.
I am not listing these things just to attack Mr Micheal chilufya Sata,though i have to admit i take real pleasure in doing so.I do it  to expose the sheer  Brass Necked Hypocrisy in the kind of Apple pie motherhood  platitude which occupied most of SATA’s promises.All am doing is  holding up the mirror to reflect ,to show the history of  unspeakable crimes that the PF government has committed against we the citizens of zambia within a short time.As they sow so they  reap!
The PF government is full of people whose membership and participation in the economic struggle has been motivated by greed and jealousy.PF preached equality for opportunity in previous campaign,the Zambian people are now critical that this does not exist.The PF preached human respect and the zambian citizen have  for a long time demanded that Sata should accord it to everyone regardless of his economic or social degree.It is these moral expectations which create problems in zambia.By voting  for PF we zambias thought zambia could completely get free from such ills as corruption,ignorance,diseases,hunger,poverty and injustice to name but a few.The things they said they would do have not been done and some things have been done which would  have been  better left alone or done in a different manner.There are too many mistakes of inexperience in PF government.The PF principles and objectives (if any) have corrided and they dont know what to do,even president sata knows,infact he is more confused than anyone else,because as president he took an oath and  swore that he would do his duty and carry out his work without fear or favour,affection or ill will towards anyone and he knows that was not a thing to be spoken and forgotten.It was a most true promise made before almighty GOD.President sata has failed to fulfill the task laid upon him without permitting himself to be influenced by any personal likes and dislikes ,nor by consideration of his own confort or convinience .maybe mr Sata thinks that we dont need the goods which make life confortable.”Mr president every zambian wants those goods”!The zambian Government is no longer serving us it is using us.
The PF government has failed to promote genuine  economic growth,PF has failed to tackle the problems of increasing our food production.Hunger is killing the Citizens
slowly.the majority of zambians are  looking  sick  and mulnurished  because the average daily supply of calories per person in zambia is far below the level required for  good health,the quality of food eaten by the majority who are in extreme  poverty is pure dog food not fit for human consuption.Zambias domestic production is decreasing  relative to  our population.If in the next two to three years  there wont be any change to  policies,if PF will not pay greater attention to the distribution of income ,Jobs,and basic food production,then we zambians are likely to see worse nutritional levels  deteriorate to the point of wide spread starvation.The PF government has failed to manage our  country’s basic food supplies adquately and they have also failed to provide basic food security to their population.Yet at the time of campaigns president Sata had preached Good agricultural conditions!
Now that he is in that position of resposbility  he is failing to establish  conditions where Justice,freedom of speech,equality  can become the spice  of everyday life.Its from such failure that every zambian make a concrete conclusion that he (SATA) is a hypocrite who merely used those phrases for his own ends!And if anything Youth should Boycot the YOUTH DAY MARCH!

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