We are not Lungu’s dogs, Barotseland tells Michael Kaingu

Dear Editor,
Please allow me space to react to the insults hauled upon the Barotse people by Zambia’s minister Michael Kaingu during his recent visit to Barotseland where he called the people of Barotseland ungrateful when even dogs show gratitude to their masters for the scraps of food they receive by wagging their tails.

First and foremost,the people of Barotseland are not bootlickers like the Hon Minister,it is a known fact Mr. Kaingu puts his foot in his mouth every time he speaks and we take strong exception to that kind of insults. If Mr. Kaingu is alluding to the appointment of Mrs Wina as Vice president,the people of Barotseland have nothing to celebrate about!
What is Vice president to Barotseland?
You want us to celebrate simply because One Hungry dog is given scraps in Lusaka.

The Minister should understand that we cannot join him in his celebration as we are living in two different times and different places,let him realize that the people of Barotseland cannot celebrate simply because One hungry dog is feeding on scraps from its master’s table in Lusaka.

The people of Barotseland donot need clowns to come and perform their circus acts mwa Bulozi,as we are faced by real poverty,we are still in mourning as some of people remain missing since January 2011 and others still in Zambia’s prisons for simply pressing the fact that Barotseland is a state that deserved to be respected. Mr. Kaingu should take his scraps and bones elsewhere.

Mr Kaingu sir,the Barotse people do not need scraps from Zambia,they do not need something short of political. What the Barotse people want is freedom! They are not asking to be given a dog’s horn,they are simply asking to be given their Birth-right the right to determine their own future and destiny.

By:True son and Citizen of the soil of Barotseland,
Muyunda Makala

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