We are not using govt vehicles, we have increased bus fares- CB drivers

Some bus operators on the Copperbelt have increased bus fares following the increase on fuel pump price that was effected by the PF government last week.

Bus operators insisted that they were not using government subsidized vehicles, but private vehicles which they have to meet operational costs resulting from fuel increasing.

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) last week announced the hike in the pump prices of all petroleum products by 7.2 percent following the depreciation of the Kwacha against the United States Dollar.

And of course the massive depreciation of the Kwacha was caused by poor PF policies such as the introduction of statutory instruments 33 and 55 that imposed regulations on use of foreign currency in Zambia, but the move has now resulted into Zambians paying a heavy price through increase in most of the commodities.

Bus and tax drivers on the Copperbelt have now passed on the fuel increase to the travelling public by as much as 10 percent increase on most routes.

The drivers say they were free to charge any amount as they have no business following council fare charts, because they were using private vehicles and expected to meet cashing requirements.

The new pump prices per liter are now 10 kwacha 63 ngwee for petrol from 9 kwacha 91 ngwee, diesel will be 10 kwacha 1 ngwee from 9 kwacha 20 ngwee while kerosene is now sold at 7 kwacha 48 ngwee from 6 kwacha 83 ngwee.


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