We are now in harm’s way

I am alarmed shocked and shaken, at the rate at which good governance and the rule of law is being butchered in Zambia and at the rate this Country is being driven to the dark ages of dictatorship and lawlessness.
The grave arrogance with which the Police Force in collusion with the PF, has ignored the Court Order issued to the UPND by the High Court of Zambia to allow them to proceed with their rally is a vivid reminder about the need of all Zambians to cage the beast that is fast tearing our guaranteed Constitutional rights to pieces.
The conduct of the spineless Puppets in the Police Force and their Masters in this intolerant, repressive regime is a symbol of a sickness in a society. A sickness that runs counter to the principles upon which our country was founded. A Sickness that makes Leaders of the Patriotic Front, allergic to democracy and the rule of law. A sickness that finds enjoyment, in the suffering of the people, a sickness we must eradicated in this country with ever increasing urgency.
The right to assembly is one which was guaranteed by the framers of the current Zambian Constitution.

21. [Protection of freedom of assembly and association]

(1)Except with his own consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of assembly and association, that is to say, his right to assemble freely and associate with other persons and in particular to form or belong to any political party, trade union or other association for the protection of his interests.
The Zambia Police has no authority to overrule the constitution as they are too are a creation of the same constitution they have today disregarded and torn to pieces in their futile attempt to serve the interests of their oppressive and brutal masters. If the Police disregard the very source of their existence, then they too should not exist in this Country!

103. [The Zambia Police Force]

(1) There shall be a police force to be known as the Zambia Police Force and such other police forces as Parliament may by law prescribe.
(2) Subject to the other provisions of this Constitution, every police force in Zambia shall be organized and administered in such a manner and shall have such functions as Parliament may by law prescribe.
(3) The Zambia Police Force shall be nationalistic, patriotic, professional, disciplined, competent and productive; and its members shall be citizens of Zambia and in good character.
It is clear from the above that the Zambia Police is in breach of the Article 103 of the Zambian constitution. Their conduct in relation to the UPND Kanyama rally lays bare the fact that these PF cadres masquerading as police men are not; nationalistic, patriotic, professional, disciplined, competent and productive; and its members are not in good character!
Like in times past, time has come for the People of Zambia to reclaim their Police force, from the clutches of this ruthless, tyrannical and intolerant regime.
If this is not done and done now the only shelter we shall find in Zambia shall be rubble and chaos!
Tikambenji Banda
PS: Editor I have chosen to use the pseudo name for security reasons….

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