We are Reconstituting the Royal Barotseland Police- Barotse Home Affairs Spokesperson

Maintenance of Law and Order – We are Reconstituting the Royal Barotseland Police

20th January, 2014

Press Release: Maintenance of Law And Order

In 1900, Rt. Hon. Coryndon undertook and agreed to protect the Barotzish Kingdom from outside attack.


On 23rd May 1900, the Barotse Native Police was established to maintain law and order in the Barotseland territory.


Unnecessary social changes took place in the history of Barotseland; changes that were not engaged or initiated by the Barotzish citizens but by foreign forces. Due to those political upheavals, Barotseland found herself in a mace and administered against her consent. The Barotseland Police was no more. Subsequently, Barotseland became a colony of Zambia. What a sad state of affairs!


There has been no dispute, no controversy, no conflict and no argument. The truth is that, there has been no relationship between Barotseland and Zambia. Barotseland was simply taken for a ride.

However, as sovereignty belongs to the people, Barotseland has reverted to her former conditions, as an independent nation, whether her foes like or not, and now we have acquired power. Now we have no time to waste, but to concentrate on establishing government agencies and departments for better service delivery.

NB: Power is that which is incident to an office.


It is law that warrants employment of a police officer. Where there is no law, there can be no police officer or judge. Practically security officers rely on the force of law in their operations.

NB: Police officers operates within a confined territory viz jurisdiction e.g. Zimbabwe Police cannot be a police of Zambia, and Zambia police cannot be police of Angola. It is the objective of the police to serve citizens and not to torment people. A good police officer is he who does not operate to the dictates of the politicians.


As a nation, Barotseland is reviving her police force. Barotseland requires a police that understand the community and society of Barotseland, its norms, values and common law, culture and customs, because laws are hinged on these.

1) First and foremost, it must be a police that comprehends human rights principles.

2) Police must understand and have the knowledge of rule of law.

3) Police are law enforcement agents.

4) Barotseland is the King’s land; therefore, authority is exercised in the name of the King (head of state). The structure of the Barotseland Police is entirely different from that of Zambia (colonial master).

What must be understood is that offences are created, thus it is obvious that offences shall soon be created by those on power is employing her law enforcement agents, as was the case in 1900; those who will pay allegiance to the Barotseland Government and to the King.

NB: the law of the captor ceases the moment the captive reverts to his or her former conditions.

The role of the Police shall be outlined in the police force standing orders at the convenient time.

Finally, the moment orders are given those who think they are super humans shall be arrested and brought before the court of law of Barotseland and shall regret.

J. Lubinda
Public relations
Home Affairs
Royal Barotseland Government

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