‘We are remember how poor Lusambo was before becoming minister’

‘We are remember how poor Lusambo was before becoming minister’

Laura Miti Writes:

The problem that former Lusaka Minister, Bowman Lusambo, sits with is that we all remember his thin, rather unkempt frame in those blue overalls.

With that picture well etched into the national memory, the man chose to display his house with tarred drive way and declare how 2 million Kwacha was nothing but pocket change – vaso.

All this happening faster than the period a village chicken takes to go from being hatched to laying its own egg.

Mr Lusambo, therefore, has to forgive us for being convinced his Overalls-to-Range Rover story is not one the rest of us can possibly replicate, legally, in this our economy.

He should also forgive us for believing he has business with law enforcement.

Ndinse bantu che. Tiliko nakaja!

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    Tito 4 days ago

    Don’t expect someone to be the same as he was before he started work. When you are working and getting paid you have to be rich. Some of the guys I know, they wear same shoe they were wearing when looking for employment. Development means change for better

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    it was just too much and mundubile as credible man should remained and be seen as a credible man by keeping away from those crooks. he should not involve himself unprinciply for the sake teamwork of the party other wise we shall start suspecting him of being unprincipled lawyer just as as those who have so so far been written off as credible, limbi naimwe bene ba mundubile mwaleibila pamo naba kaponya ba hard die. plz baa mundubile call a spade a spade, if you are upright as seenand known

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    Njangwamuloty 5 days ago

    Busholi kimwana nja yamwa hae, butokwile lubilo! It’s this kind of get rich fast Katangese style that Chiluba and Sata engineered that is killing this country. This rabid baboon must be hanged.

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      JJ Rambo 5 days ago

      You are right. MMD & PF created Congolese style bukabolala. Unfortunately this shameless level of theft has almost been taken as normal. HH has a tough tast. Some of his “Kitchen Cabinet” have similar mentality. Wonder if he will be brave enough to get rid of those wanting like KK. Only that will enable him keep his credibility over the long term