‘We are subsidising PF corruption’

‘We are subsidising PF corruption’


By Anthony Bwalya (UPND Member)

Under the brutal administration of the Patriotic Front (PF), 25% of the starting salary of ALL new graduates is already committed to repaying your student loan. This is before you pay 37.5% in PAYE, subjected to a consumption tax of 16% and an unabating inflation rate of 14%.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) maintains the position, that a K1 is worth more when left in the hands of citizens than in the hands of the government, not just the PF, but any government for that matter.

The trouble with the PF tax based economy is that the money they are drawing from the public is being used to funnel corruption and targeted looting rather than improving the quality, standards and delivery of crucial public services such as education, health or infrastructure. This is what we have witnessed with the abuse and total lack of transparency and accountability around the recovery of students’ loans, skills levy, road toll fees and now the National Health Insurance scheme.

How can or should the Zambian public trust that NHI money is going into public healthcare when COVID19 money is publicly, and without shame or any exercise of common sense, being appropriately to road construction?

This is why a UPND administration plans to re-evaluate the recovery of students’ loans, and instead focus on expanding employment and income generating opportunities for young graduates by rebuilding the economy. This means the current, nonsensical process of punishing young men and women straight out of college and university should and will have to be suspended until we have done enough work to expand opportunities for young people to earn a good wage, inflation down to single digits and personal taxation, as well as pensions reforms have been delivered on as a means to expand microeconomic support to our people.

We are all paying for the unprecedented, premeditated leveraged corruption of the PF regime which has sucked around $12.6bn out of the economy and into the pockets of PF officials, their private sector allies and PF operatives.

In 2021, we must reclaim our country, and I am especially calling on all students and young graduates to play your part and be a part of the generational change our country so desperately needs.

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    Is it the person or the tribe that fits in the office of president of Zambia? The constitution of Zambia talks about individual citizens and their rights and obligations. There are no tribal obligations and rights. The writer of this article has no rights and obligations that come with his tribe. Wht rights and obligations he has derive from his citizenship.

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    FuManchu 2 weeks ago

    The ones who think leadership is a preserve of a certain sector of the citizenry are better off retreating into their enclaves! Imagine a situation where each Zambian ethnic grouping decides it will not be party to any government that is not led by their own, then with 73 ethnic groups in Zambia wouldn’t it be anarchy through and through? The ordinary Zambian has no issue being family with neighbors of different ethnicity but the greed of the politician is what sows the seed of segregation among people with no issues of ethnicity! There are those who continue being proponents of division yet belong to families that has embraced a Zambian mixed bowl! Let’s give opportunity to mother Zambia to experience the multi talents that God has spread across the regional divide.

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    Musumali Liyunga 2 weeks ago

    The truth is that Muyenge depends on his village instincts. Maybe he has a little brain. Zambia is bigger than any village and those that have village mentality like Munyenge should be left behind. What I am observing is that Mr. Anthony Bwalya is potential Minister in a future Government because he looks at a bigger picture.

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    Better to follow logic than what the man or woman who calls himself or herself Munyenge says.

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    BO MUNYENGE MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    Mr Athony Bwalya, what a wasted intellectual. Once HH accomplishes his mission he will discard you like a used condom.Dont say I didn’t warn you.UPND is a party for tongas and you being a northerner you will always be an outcast in UPND.

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      THE WATCHMAN 2 weeks ago

      Learn to live with people who have divergent views. Don’t demean them! Life demands a respect of all souls. Finally may I put it to you that Anthony isn’t a wasted intellectual but a patriot in his motherland!!!!

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      A Tongaman will turn Zambia into a Dubai 2 weeks ago

      Time has come for us to test leadership from a Tonga whether Munyenge likes it or not. Abdur Kalam was from a minority tribe but became the best Indian President and up to now people cry for his excellent leadership. Zambians should not be cheated as HH is bringing unprecedented awesome leadership to Zambia August 2021!

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        Bamushanina bwali 2 weeks ago

        Sorry to disappoint you my friend but its no gonna happen!!

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      It is so disgusting to see that in our country there are pipo who still believe that one has to belong to a particular tribe for them to be president of this country. For starters it’s not one’s tribe that will or can make them a good president!  One doesn’t have to be Bemba or an Eastner to be president!  Late president Mwanawasa can be said to have been the best president that this country has ever had  but he wasn’t Bemba neither was he an Eastner! So it’s a pity that pipo who are very gallable- ad they aren’t in short supply in this country- can so unashamedly and even proudly state that HH can not be president of this country simply because he is Tonga.