‘We are suffering at the hands of Ikelenge District Commissioner’

We write because we know that your publication is receiving a large readership, and our concern will quickly bring the dire attention it deserves. I wonder if it is the same in all parts of this beautiful country but we civil servants of Ikelenge District, in North Western Province, are receiving the worst kind of leadership from this cadre District Commissioner here. He has managed to brand almost all civil servants as opposition, including members of his own political party, because they have not given the ‘respect’ he says he deserves.

He continues to openly proclaim himself Patriotic Front (PF) and says he doesn’t care what people say about him, in spite of the President’s determination to appoint career civil servants to these positions. This has made it difficult for any civil servant who is not of his political party to be accepted him and allow them to work normally. Anyone can confirm this.

His official vehicle has become the tool for canvassing for supporters and only his political cadres use it, not just on one occasion, but it has become a habit. Ask anyone from Ikelenge District and they will attest to this.

At the moment he has refused to hand over the school house he occupied at the school he taught before his appointment as District Commissioner, and has threatened the head teacher of the school with transfer, should he continue asking for the house keys,  three months after his appointment. The school just received two new teachers who are now stranded and are threatening to go back to the District Education Board secretary so that they can be sent to other schools.

Meanwhile, the same District Commissioner already moved into a nursing school house! Please help us. Issuing threats of transfer and dismissal by DC is counterproductive and is not what we voted for.

Recently he angrily said he was withdrawing the electrification of two communities namely Samahina and Sakufola because the people there were not showing him respect or were opposition. May the relevant authorities please follow this. Or put another way, could the PF government seriously look into this.The President promised us a government of laws, and we wonder why this DC is working against his own government.

Thank you Watchdog for watching for us!

Concerned civil servants

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