‘We are suffering at the hands of police in Chililabombwe’

Dear Editor,


Kindly allow me space in your respectable paper to expose the police brutality on innocent civilians here in Chililabombwe under the guise of controlling smuggling. What is happening in Chililabombwe has not been seen in many years only comparable to the infamous 1980s of the Kaunda regime which killed a lot of people here in Chililabombwe over the same issue of controlling smuggling.

The issues that I am talking about are;

  1. Traders in Lubengele area are being assaulted and beaten with impunity by police simply for selling mealie meal above kr 60 when they have bought the same commodity from wholesalers at kr65. One trader was even locked up for talking back to the police.
  2. Taxi drivers who pirate between kasumbalesa and Chililabombwe are being beaten and detained just for carrying passangers who have bought one or two bags of mealie meal for consumption to the Kasumbalesa area.
  3. Ordinary citizens who live at the border area are victims. Kasumbalesa border area has over 500 people and these people are not even allowed to transport the staple food. The police have stopped trading in any  form of mealie meal at the border and this has pushed the price to above kr 90. And any trader who has the commodity is even followed to his or her house and mealie meal confisticated from the house and the owner beaten and taken to the police station! There is total  disregard for human rights and the rule of law.


We know the fact that with the mismanagement of the agriculture input support program by the Government and the senseless export of maize to the neighbouring countries by the FRA, there will be hunger in this country. And a prudent use of whatever little grain we have is necessary, but this should not be at the expense of the ordinary Zambians at the border town who have lived and traded in peace for a long time now.

In 1991, the MMD government under the late president FTJ Chiluba, (to which our current president was part of) liberalised the grain marketing and never again was the trading in Mealie meal and maize criminalised at the border area.

Trading with the Congo in grain and other agricultural products will never end especially that Kasumbalesa Town in Congo and its surrounding arrears has over 500,000 people and Lubumbashi city which is less than 100 km from the border has over 10 million people. And any controls like what has happened now has pushed the prices to very unrealistic levels. Currently a 25kg bag of mealie meal is ranging between kr100 and kr150. On the congo side it is between kr 150 to kr 200.  These unrealistic prices have created uncrupulous trading by people from all over the copperbelt. The biggest smugglers are not the two bags traders, but the truck and trailers who are ferrying thousands of bags to the border.

Please help us so that there is no bloodshed again in Chililabombwe. Currently, our taxi business is suffering, people at Kasumbalesa have no food in their homes and traders are living in fear. The DCs Office and the local leadership are quiet and watching their citizens being brutalised because they are party cadres. But we all voted and when the PF and Sata won, we celebrated with a new hope that we will now move forward further than to where MMD had left us; not going back a century again. Please your reporters should come to Chililabombwe and move around especially in the night then you will see what I am talking about. I know that this report cannot be publicised by the post or any other Government controlled newspaper.




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    Mouth Diarrhoea 5 years

    Bernard you are an idiot. You deserve what’s coming to you. Foolish,the way you celebrated when your fake party won is the same way am celebrating your suffering. Did you ever think Sata can make a good leader when the writings were on the wall that he’s as foolish as you. You should have asked yourself before voting why FTJ didn’t trust him with the presidence and why KK said he’s not presidential material and these people worked with him very closely.

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      Mouth Diarrhoea 5 years

      After pama fi won I left,where m staying ubunga is very cheap,no fighting or shortage in Mandela’s land. Mwanya ba chivote vote.

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    Musonda 5 years

    Tell them good points raised,unfoturnately the majority who vote do not understand these issues.Any way it is good we have learnt a lesson the hard way.God help us.

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    dont blame pf for the police dullness you voted for pf deal with it

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    Bob Sichinga 5 years

    you voted wisely , feast on your own amafi or ask GBM TO SHIT 25 HRS ADAY.

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    Bob Sichinga 5 years

    No sympsthy, please, buju beat them and arrest them for voting wisely. Let them eat their own amafi or ask ukwa Sata and his entire family tree especially GBM and Kambwili to shit 24 hours a day to feed the foools on their feaces for voting in good faith.Police aruta continua, just do the tricksyou taught at Kamfisa and Lilayi.

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    TheEngineer (Australia) 5 years

    Its nice that you are now getting what you voted for

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    TheEngineer (Australia) 5 years

    hahaha am loving it… you voted what you wanted. I wish you do not starve to dearth so that in 2016 you can vote wisely.

    Am enjoying a victoria bitter beer here in Australia

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    Simon 5 years

    Farming is such a difficult business now cose U don’t know where to take your maize now. U give it to PF food reserve agency, they don’t give U your money on time to use in your next agricultural program and U are stack on the line of waiting list for ages besides not able to give the price that reflects the high PF maize production cost. And when U dare find your own market U are at your own risk with PF cadre like police now with whatever charge they wish to think about. Why not deal with the un productive lot on the street and let the farmer free also to sell his products where ever he wishes.

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    Dundu Muntule 5 years

    Ba kopla swag u deserve it this is what you voted for donchi kubeba u were in the for front to un extent of even saying ba Lusaka namutulekelesha mule votela ba MMD. Mukose sana this is just the beginning of trabulations. Here in Lusaka we have plenty mealie meal at a reasonable price. Donchi kubeba mwilalila shiii.

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    fireman 5 years

    Don’t complain. You invited it yourselvess imwe ba ku CB, even donchi kubeba came from there. So why are you telling them now? Pliz in June vote wisely.

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    false prophet 5 years

    Problem is GBM and Kambwili are exporting to zim by the truck load

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    Silencer 5 years

    FYONSE FI PF FYALIBA DULL top down !… Simple Economics, flood the market with commodity the prices will regulate themselves.

    U have destroyed this country IMWE BAKOSWE ! you enherited a very stable government from MMD. Its you PF running down this country

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    Mubanga 5 years

    Mwaculenipo mukwayi!
    Mukose bane! Ee Donchi Kubeba mwavotele iyi!
    Be strong and courageous may be some of you can reach 2016!

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    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 5 years

    Before you wafaw note down every point raised.Then critically with emotional intelligency analyse. Most of you commenting you have never lived in mufulira,Chililabombwe or Ndola/Lukangaba. These areas are like one with towns in congo. For Kasumbalesa its like Nakonde and Tunduma. Freeflow of trade. Its difficult to tell who a Zambian is or who Tanzanian or Congoleese is.They have mastered all the Languages. So to completely block food from getting to Kasumbalesa is like shooting oneself in the foot. There are legal structures in Kasumbalesa and Konkola. People have to eat. Allow them to pass with One bag per vehicle.Tighten the actual entry points at the boarder. Police know these points. Trucks that carry mealie meal belong to Ministers. This was disclosed by the police.Why brutalise the innocent for buying food for their families. Is this what I supported at green park in Kasama when the cobra used to address us in a charismatic,dramatic way? It has not taken me long to realise that the people of Nort Western are intelligent more than most parts of Zambia.How did they know the cobra can not rule competently other than by decree.

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    Never in my Era 5 years

    There is a growing concern (rightly so )by the citizens that police has stepped out of normal way of handing offenders. This every concerned Zambian must know and do something about. What Bernard has done is commendable for people to know. My friend sent some pictures of how police handled students who wanted to demonstrate against a policy issue which would have affected them . One officer was heard on top of his voice saying “tina paya po batu , na iwe ti nga ku paye” ( translated we have killed people before , we can also kill you). Can you imagine that!!!! Zambians wake up, tonenu, mutone or else you will lose it completely. Sata culture of violence and insolency must not be supported. Good Easter Monday.

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    ba copala swag chongoni ne ntile mwalikosa MUKATI NAKUNSE.Wait pf is the best party ever.ngaikoseshe mulye amafi pantu twalemyeba

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    Zambia One 5 years

    Beating is not the best way of correcting a wrong doer. The police must understand how painful it is to beat a human being, why not advice them?

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    Black September 5 years

    even the smuggling of cash crops should be stopped ..

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    Mrs ice cream 5 years

    ZP job well done, we cant torralate smuggling in zambia

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    Chanda chimba warned you not to vote for this serpent you couldn’t listen. This is just a test more problem are still coming wait and see. stop voting on tribe line, stop voting blindly…

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    Because of your ingnorance you will suffer, chanda chimba warned you but you didnt listen. Where is the man of action. When are they going put more money into peoples pockets. you will suffer for voting blindly. Hunger have not yet started this is a test you will see more hunger than this, wait and see.

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    cacy 5 years

    Since the coming of police reinforcement ssanity sanity has been brougjt nnot onnly to chililabombwe but to all the districts on the c/belt. All tj trucks laden with mealie meal were heading to kasumbalesa depriving the zambian populace. Viva z.p u should also be impounding not only taxis bt also those smuggling on bicycles.

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    Njekwa 5 years

    These chaps need proper brutalising. Howelse can they be treated after voting for this evil govt. This smuggling is what they voted for. They didnt want sanity.
    Hammer them, they even condemn praise singer post now. 2021 is very far. you will be worse than congo

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      son of africa 5 years

      You are the same fools that are messing up our country. We leave in a civilised era. You uncivilised ignorant fool.

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    Its a sad situation indeed ask me I wl tel u, where a lincesed trader frm k/lesa hs bin brutalised. Police hv confiscated mealie meal frm shop owners in k/lesa & othr traders have bin askd to take their mealie meal frm their shops in k/lesa to go & sell on th strets in chigola. wht kind of madnss is ths? anywy Chitumbo the District Comissionr of chilabombwe is the causer of al these. he is the bigest smuggler & jelous man afta sellng his consigment he goes to call the Cops to come & brutalise pipo

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    mambala 5 years

    Ale Benard be strong, kosa mune!!!!!because you haven’t seen anything yet. Remember how you kopala swags voted like mad people for the serpent.You blocked your ears with ubutonge you could not listen to the warnings. 2016 mune patali, ee donch ukubeba iyi. This lesson will make u vote wisely in 2016. HAHAHA!!! I WILL BE PRAYING that God gives you strength to endure.

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      Bupe 5 years

      I also agree with you my friend. Abena copperbelt ebatubika mukuchuchutika twabamo. They should be the last people to even complain. Even when Chanda Chimba III told them, they couldn’tunderstand. Iyo mwandini chachine balibika ubutonge mumatwi bakana nokumfwa efyo balebeba pakuvotela Sata. 2016 nayo ikali ukutali!!

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    Shut up you smuggler.This is how painfull we also feel when you chaps refuse to sell mealie meal to us claiming you have run out of the commodity and you lock your shops and at night you load bags in taxis and sell across the border. I was surprised to find a car loaded with more than 10 bag of mealie meal at mine market. ZP are trained to beat my friend,quit smuggling. Good job zp. Beat the hell out of these criminals!

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      GoingViral 5 years

      If your relative was one of them you wouldn’t say such stupid things. let the cops deal with these people appropriately.

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      Fougarcon 5 years

      Dear Idiot Illiterate PF cadre:

      Have you ever heard of something called market forces and rational economic man. See in the real world, in other words outside of the realms of PF fantasy land where business can sell for less than what it costs them to produce goods and still make money, people do try to make more money than what it costs them the to buy and produce something.

      So rather than getting angry at the so called smugglers, why don’t you try and find out the reasons why the smuggling is going on and educate your illiterate President about the following points:

      1. The ill conceived minimum wage has started to have a translation effect throughout the whole economy. In the case of maize, farmers, faced with higher labour costs (and electricity costs owing to ZESCO’s tariff hikes), have no choice but to hoard maize and sell it as expensively as possible to cover their costs.

      2. Transporters who collect maize from farmers are themselves facing higher costs in terms of higher driver wages and higher fuel and spare parts costs because the Kwacha has fallen against major currencies owing to foreign investors getting out of Zambian assets because they fear your idiot President may bring back exchange controls.

      3. These transporters are in turn passing their higher costs onto millers who are themselves facing higher labour costs because of the, yes you guessed it, minimum wage and ZESCO perpetually hiking tariffs – or in some cases not supplying any power at all which necessitates the use of expensive to operate generators.

      4. Faced with these higher costs, millers have no choice but to sell their final product at a much higher price than before to cover their costs.

      5. Traders who buy from millers – faced with higher fuel costs and higher product costs, also not being stupid, have no choice but to also hike their prices on the local market to cover their costs and make a profit.

      Failing this and because of Government intervention, they have no choice but to go onto the black market and sell product to DRC end users who are willing to pay a price that covers their costs and allows them to make a profit.

      Simple, straight-forward basic economics and an accurate description of what is going on in the mealie meal/maize sector. I would strongly advise that you forward this to your illiterate President and other cadres so that the issue can start to be addressed rationally.

      We really are on the cusp of an economic precipice in this country, which if not arrested now could lead us back to the dark days of the 2nd Republic which none of us want to go back to.

      MMD made mistakes for sure. But, those mistakes were based on corruption on the one hand and not attacking the cost matrix for operating a business in Zambia hard enough.

      In two areas where they did do this, the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) and incentives given to copper producers in the country, the results were spectacular – record levels of maize and copper production.

      PF should have taken a leaf out of this an started making interventions to lower the costs of energy (fuel and electricity) and imported raw materials.

      The subsequent increased levels of production which would have likely resulted from this would have lowered the prices of many basic commodities and this would have raised real wages – the amount of goods that K1 can buy – and raised living standards without pressuring costs for business.

      I am afraid what is happening with your PF government is the opposite. They appear to have taken a view that living standards can be raised by punishing business and/or raising its costs. This is self defeating for what it will do is create even more shortages in the formal economy and drive business underground.

      I have a favourite saying for occasions like this:

      “Those who defy common sense and market forces usually end up on the losing side of an argument”.

      Check the annals of history throughout the world if you need further confirmation of this.