We bribed IMF team leader to get loan, Zambian presidential advisor

We bribed IMF team leader to get loan, Zambian presidential advisor

‘We shall definitely get the loan from the IMF because we gave team leader Tsidi Tsikata something (money) to guarantee that we get the money’, Edgar Lungu’ special advisor Sukwana Lukangaba has disclosed.

Zambia is about to acquire a $1.3 billion loan from International Monetary Fund but there has been fears that the IMF might cancel the program owing to the growing repression and tyranny in Zambia.

Commenting on these fears, Lukangaba told a group of friends last evening that the fears are unfounded as his boss Lungu has taken extra steps to ensure that the IMF gives Zambia the loan.

The Zambian regime sees the IMF loan as endorsement that Zambia is still democratic and still attractive for foreign investment.

A few weeks ago, the IMF team visited Zambia and met minister of Finance Felix Mutati and later Edgar Lungu at State house.

At the end of the visit, IMF team leader Tsidi Tsikata held a joint press briefing with Felix Mutati where he said a decision whether to fund Zambia will be made by the IMF board in August, 2017.

But Lungu’s advisor Lukangaba told his friends that Tsikata assured Lungu that he will personally make sure that the loan is granted. Lukangaba claimed that Tsikata told Lungu that the board can not reject his recommendation and that he will certainly put a positive recommendation.

According to Lukangaba, when Tsikata met Lungu the first time, he was in the company of other IMF officials but that another, private meeting was set up for Tsikata alone where personal offers were made.

‘You know that man is an African from Ghana, so we had no problem convincing him to ignore the politicking in Zambia and surprisingly he told us that being an African he knows the problem and that he does not even believe in this human rights thing but he is just doing his job,’ Lukangaba told his mates.

The IMF team visited Zambia at the time when Hakainde Hichilema was being violently transferred to Mukobeko maximum prison in violation of an express court order.

But according to Lukangaba, the IMF team leader assured him that such things do not bother him as he was in the country to assess the economic not political situation.

Lukangaba told friends that apart from the ‘gifts’ he received at State House, Tsikata will get more when the loan is approved.

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