We can change constitution unilaterally, says Scott

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott says the Patriotic Front Government can change the constitution unilaterally with two thirds of the votes because of its increased numbers in Parliament.
Scott was speaking in parliament on Tuesday.

Scott said that out of the 20 by-elections that have been held so far from September 2011, t…he PF grabbed ten seats from the opposition and returned one of its seats.

He said this is in addition to the ten opposition Members of Parliament that are working with the PF government by virtue of their appointment to deputy ministerial positions.

Scott says the PF now has of over 80 seats, a clear majority in the house.
Scott mocked – opposition Members of Parliament against being combative because the ruling party has the votes to pass any law in parliament

He said that the PF is in a better position to change the constitution unilaterally than the opposition is able to block a vote or bring an impeachment motion.

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