We could have spilled blood of foolish opposition – State House


After being lectured by Dickson Jere on how the president Should move, Edgar Lungu’ spokesperson Amos Chanda has issued the following senseless hate speech:

Thanks DJ for the independent insights.

The route was cleared but what outsiders who were not mongu are missing is that the short distance between Mongu town and Limulunga harbour meant that HE had to arrive at an appointed time otherwise he would keep the King on the barge longer than necessary and mind you there is always some mischievous loyalists bidding for the Litungaship and when it delayed speculations are that the King has been dethroned. We wouldn’t be party of that.

So when guests other than HH were allowed to pass ahead of HE so they reach the arena and take their seats before the KING and Guest of honour arrive, HH decided to foolish slow down motorcade so we can find him! Now DJ can help me to explain the meaning of “clearing” the way at that late hour… there is only one way that is to : DISABLE THE VESSEL AND ITS OCCUPANTS!

Let me tell you that this was going to be done in a matter of minutes but would have meant having a clear way but one littered with blood of the foolish opposition leaders and sadly of innocent others who lined up the streets to greet the president and the King.

The president and his aides are paid for their judgement. Period. We made a damn good judgment, I wish I can tell it all!

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