We deported Simwaya because he is a spy of Rwanda – Edgar Lungu

Government says it has credible information on a Rwandese national Abdul Simwaya that guarantees his deportation to the country of his origin.

Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu says the government is aware that Mr. Simwaya has been an agent of the Rwandese government and that he is wondering why Mr. Simwaya has been rejected.

Mr. Lungu has told a media briefing that the government is also aware that Mr. Simwaya had been issuing death threats to a refugee resident in Zambia adding that the deportee in question is inimical to the state.

But when Lungu announced the deportation of Simwanya on 17th January, he announced that he was linked to a terrorist organisation in East Africa.

Mr. Lungu added that as minister of home affairs, he is duty bound to ensure that foreign nationals resident in Zambia abide by the laws.

The minister noted that government will not hesitate to deport foreigners that breach the Zambian laws adding that prosecuting them locally will just further strain the country’s judicial system.

The children of Mr. Simwati have challenged the government to explain to the nation the charges that led to the deportation of their fathe


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