We do not need Whiteman Scott to rule us – Reverend Lungu

Evangelical Youth Alliance International (EYAI) president Reverend Moses Lungu says Zambia does not need a white man like Acting president Guy Scott to rule it.

In probably the most racial statement ever made in Zambia post independence, ‘Reverend’ Moses Lungu said:

‘We are not desperate that we should have a white man to start ruling Zambia.
‘We do not need a Whiteman like Guy Scott to rule us,’ Lungu was quoted on QFM Radio Wednesday morning.

Like the reverend of Satan, he continued: ‘the fact that we are quiet does not mean that we are happy. Having a white man to rule us will just bring back wounds of colonialism.’

He said the right thing for Scott to do was to step aside morally.
He was commenting on a statement by the Law Association of Zambia that Guy Scott qualifies to stand as president of Zambia.

Watchdog comments: We have never admired Guy Scott’s public behaviour or performance, but we think this Moses Lungu is a lunatic. We even wonder why the Evangelical Church can allow such a misfit to use its fair name.
Guy Scott should be judged as an individual not by his race or tribe or colour. That is barbaric.

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