We don’t need Sata’ services-Barotse Movement

The Barotseland Freedom Movement (BFM) wishes to respond and correct the statement in the Sunday Post of November 28, 2010, attributed to Mrs. Grace Muyangana, BFM National Coordinator. The Sunday Post reported Mrs. Muyangana as having said that the BFM had invited the Patriotic Front (PF) President, Mr. Michael Sata, to camp in Barotseland for the purpose of campaigning for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement 1964.
The executive committee of BFM confirmed that the report was false as Mrs. Muyangana had denied ever making that statement. The BFM reiterates its position that no invitation of the sort had ever been extended to Mr. Sata or anyone else outside the BFM.
The BFM does not need Mr. Sata’s services because their two organizations’ objectives are parallel and there is no point of convergence in sight. In fact Mr. Sata is the last person the BFM can turn to for sympathy or otherwise because he was there in the Zambian government when the Agreement was abrogated in 1969. Why didn’t he raise an objection against the abrogation? Why did he wait until 2010 when he is campaigning for his 2011 Republican Presidency? The Barotseland issue is for the people (32 tribes) who are resident within its territorial boundaries as they are the ones who feel the pangs of their contemporary situation.
As regards the outbursts of Mr. Sikota Wina, the BFM feels the intelligence of the Barotse people has been insulted. Mr. Wina and all the other people who originate from Barotseland and were engaged in the persuasion of the then Litunga, Sir Mwanawina Lewanika 111, K.B.E., to append his signature to the Barotseland Agreement 1964, inflicted deep wounds into Barotseland. Mr Wina is a traitor who did all he did because he had hoped that once the merger with Northern Rhodesia was done, then he would be above the Litunga on the Lozi social strata so as to render the cleansing experience he had had when he married Mukwae Mbololwa, meaningless. He even has the audacity to say he is currently the only authority who can speak on the Barotseland Agreement 1964, what sheer falsehood! His signature does not appear on that document and he does not own anyone in Barotseland, not even his own children because they, too, have their own rights. He is out of step with what is happening in Barotseland. The wind of change blowing in Barotseland cannot accommodate the likes of Mr. Sikota Wina because he is not credible and has a dented political track record as he can become a Mr. Hussein any time when he is cornered. For a man who de-campaigned his own brother, Mr. Wina is not credible enough to speak for anybody in Barotseland, not even in Zambia. Being a discredited personality, it is not surprising that he has turned against his own sisiter-in- law. The name Wina is clan name for the peole of Silai Village of Mwenyi silalo in Kalabo district where his parents hailed fro;,therefore he has no monopoly to that name. His father was a fired Ngambela, therefore it is wrong for him to say that he can be spokesman for the people of Barotseland because of his late father’s status.
Mr. Wina is remembered at the Minister of Local Government who signed the Statutory Instrument which abolished the Barotse National Council and the Barotse Government in 1965. The same Statutory Instrument was used to siphon all the money that the Barotse Treasury held and transferred the same to the Government of Zambia. He should not remind the people of Barotseland of the evils that he committed against his own people in return for being Kaunda’s UNIP cowboy. His actions had caused many people to be arrested in Barotseland during the Kaunda regime of repression.
The Barotseland Freedom Movement, therefore, dismisses his insinuations of secession as an attempt to criminalise the march to self determination and independence of the marginalised Barotseland. Looking at him as he spoke at the press conference he held for the MMD cadres at his Mimosa Farm, one could see that he did not mean what he said but had to say something against the wind of change in Barotseland in order to safeguard his interests in Zambia. For a man of his standing, nobody expected him to talk of tribal politics concerning Barotseland. Barotseland is a nation with many tribal groupings and the question of tribe does not exist there. The BFM advises Mr. Wina to keep quiet and not strain himself by wanting to be heard by his employers to maintain a continuous flow of his salary and other fringe benefits because stress has adverse effects on the aging.

Issued by
BFM Information and Publicity Division,
Mongu, Barotseland
December 3, 2010.

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