We don’t recognise Lungu, maintains UPND

We don’t recognise Lungu, maintains UPND


UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma says UPND will go all the way until the presidential election petition is heard.

Featuring on CBC TV program dubbed ” the record”, Mr Kakoma says UPND will ensure wrongs created by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) are corrected for the sanity of Zambia’s future democracy .

He says the constitutional court did not recognize Edgar Lungu as a validly elected president as required by the constitution, but they simply refused to hear the UPND petition.

The UPND Spokesperson also said the decision by the speaker of the national assembly to suspend the UPND members of parliament is unconstitutional and that it is a demonstration that all state institutions are now compromised.

He says a learned person like Matibini needed to know that there is no law which compels citizens to recognize the president in Zambia.

He says the Matibini acted out of emotions and he should be censured for ablogating the law.

Mr Kakoma added that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is wrongly detained and state institutions should remember that leadership changes.

He described the environment under which president Hichilema is living as inhuman and a breach of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

He says UPND will see to it that their president is released at all cost.


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